5 Of The Best Tourist Destinations In Fiji For A Relaxing Vacation After Covid

Fiji is renowned around the world due to its heavenly tropical environment and friendly people, a true paradise. There are over 300 islands that can be visited and countless things that you can do.

While many of the resorts are affected by the coronanvirus pandemic that stopped international travel, eventually this will stop. Then, you might want to organize a great, relaxing vacation to forget about everything.

Why not consider Fiji? Here are some of the incredible tourist destinations that make the islands a perfect choice for anyone looking for a tropical paradise.

Cloudbreak – Mamanuca Islands

When looking at lists of the most challenging and best waves for surfing around the world, Cloudbreak often makes the list. It is close to the Tavarua Island Resort and the Namotu Island Resort, inside the lovely Mamanuca Islands.

This location offers a left reef break that is renowned because it speeds up and can offer surfing conditions during practically all tides. Based on the weather, waves can be as high as 20 feet.

Access is possible with a tow board and jet ski. Obviously, just expert surfers should try these waves, but this does not mean that you cannot go there just to watch.

Bouma National Heritage Park – Taveuni Island

Taveuni Island is often mentioned as the best place to stay in Fiji and this is because of the numerous travel activities that are available, including the fantastic Bouma National Heritage Park.

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This national park was established in 1990. It covers 150 square kilometers and features numerous birds and rare tropical parts. You can also visit 4 beautiful villages and hike through the rainforest in order to reach ancient ruins. If you want something different, you can go kayaking, and whenever in the area, you absolutely need to check out the stunning Tavoro Waterfalls.

Beqa Lagoon – Viti Levu

Beqa Lagoon is located around 144 km to the southeast of Nadi. Usually, tourists come to experience the thrilling Beqa Lagoon Shark Drive. Just as the name implies, this means that you get to dive with sharks. Obviously, it is really important that you only talk to the expert local divers if you want to encounter species like blacktip reef sharks, whitetip sharks, and bull sharks. Those that are lucky can even see tiger sharks.

Besides diving to see sharks, you can go experience numerous underwater adventures because the lagoon actually has over 100 dive sites. This includes wrecks, pinnacles, and coral bommies. To make things even more interesting, most of the dive sites are very close to the shore and easily accessible.

Great Astrolabe Reef – Kadavu

Kadavu is the fourth largest island in Fiji and is surrounded by many smaller islands, with the Great Astrolabe Reef being just the cherry on top since it is the fourth largest reef barrier in the entire world. If you enjoy diving, this is a great spot to put on your bucket list. You can experience tunnels, drop-offs, pinnacles, caverns, soft corals, and view many beautiful tropical fish.

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Most dive sites can easily be accessed with a boat if you leave from Kadavu’s southern shores. Visibility can even be as high as 40 meters and dive sites cover many different possible skill levels.

Fiji Museum – Viti Levu

Last but certainly not least, we have to mention the fact that Fiji’s culture and history are rich and filled with incredible things. You should at least try one of the cultural traditions of the country and if you have no idea what to consider, the Fiji Museum is a great start so you can get a glimpse into the rich culture of indigenous Fijians.

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