Wonderful Honeymoon Islands You Can Consider

For many couples the honeymoon is even more important than the wedding. Whether you are more interested in the wedding ceremony or the honeymoon, planning something special, going to a destination that is as special as possible is always something that is desired. This brings us to the topic of honeymoon islands. Those below are truly special and would guarantee that your honeymoon would be truly memorable, because of different reasons.

Corsica – France

This part of the country, located in the Mediterranean, is locally known as “The Island Of Beauty”. Such a description is not chosen in an improper way. We are talking about a place where you are going to forget about the rest of the world, moving towards a wildness that is highly attractive for those that look for romantic hikes. In fact, Corsica has some of the best European hiking options, indulgent retreats and great dining. Many say that Corsica is the very best romantic hideaway that France has to offer.

Island – Canada

This honeymoon island is great for those looking for seclusion and adventure. You can just reach the island via canoe, close to the Kawawaymog Lake in Ontario. What is interesting is that this is an island that is just suitable for 2 people, with a cozy cabin offering all the romantic amenities you would be interested in as a newly married couple.

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Nevis – Tasmania

If you are interested in old-school charm and tranquility, Nevis is great. It is definitely refreshing and the gentle trade winds that are present will make literally every single moment romantic. Most of the accommodation present is historic, with various old sugar plantations that were turned into hotels. Travel activities you can consider include hikes, diving and relaxing on a beach as you sip some rum.

Huahine – French Polynesia

The honeymoon destination is great for couples that want to explore ancient sites and that love beaches. The island is around forty minutes away from Tahiti, standing out as the most sublime one that Polynesia has to offer. It is filled with tropical abundance, culture sites and a high marae density. You can easily find some activities you would love like surfing, horse riding or snorkeling.

Tasmania – Australia

Tasmania is wonderful for wine, food, hiking and culture. While it does not have the weather people love in Queensland, the island state will offer you some of the best wine and food in Australia, together with wonderful hiking terrain. Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, is quaint. Close to it you want to visit MONA, which is a gallery, restaurant, winery and brewery complex unique in the world. Then, you want to visit Bay of Fires, a luxury beach hike and this is just one idea to take into account as Tasmania is great for honeymoons as a whole.

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Santorini – Greece

Last but not least, Santorini is perfect for out-of-this world sunsets and a completely unfettered romance. This is where you want to go when you are in the first year after you are married as the entire island is oozing romance. Houses are beautiful and the boutiques are tremendous. Consider private terraces as accommodations since that helps to enjoy that mentioned sunset.

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