Whale Watching In Boston

Who would think that there is a possibility to enjoy high quality whale watching in Boston? Most tourists are actually really surprised to see this. The experience is made possible by the New England Aquarium and BHC, which offers a tremendous whale watching program, one that actually lasts 3 hours.

The experience is practically done thanks to a hi-speed catamaran that offers a really fast and comfortable method of viewing some of the most magnificent animals of the ocean, the largest and the most popular among people that want some adrenaline from their water activities.

Whale Watching In Boston 2

It is worth saying that the greatest thing about the experience is that you actually get to spend a lot of time whale watching in Boston. The professional guides will take you to locations that offer optimal viewing in a cabin that is climate controlled.

The actual whale watching happens at the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary. This is a really rich feeding ground for sea birds, dolphins, whales and more. Various really large whales can be seen there, including minkes, the right whales (currently an endangered species) and humpbacks.

The experience is always made better by the fact that NEAQ trained naturalists are going to share a lot of knowledge that is not accessible for most people about the current conservation status of the mammals and their behaviors. Whale sightings are practically guaranteed so there is absolutely no reason to think that you will not get to see these animals, which is something that you may be faced with in other parts of the world.

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Whale Watching Tour Highlights:

  • the tour lasts for three hours
  • you are taken aboard a catamaran that can ride at high speeds
  • the guide is a naturalist that is highly experienced
  • every trip guarantees whale sighting

Whale Watching In Boston

What To Expect During The Whale Watching Trip:

The trip takes you to the most famous of the whale watching destinations on the East Coast, Stellwagen Bank. This location has a huge concentration of the whale species that were already mentioned above. You will get an opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat, which is definitely impressive.

The cruises are guided and narrated, with some of the guides actually having an experience of over 20 years. This is impressive in itself.

One of the highlights of the trip is watching the beautiful humpback whale. These are characteristic of the Northern Hemisphere, have a 50 feet average length and usually end up weighing in at around 37 tons. Unfortunately, these are also the whales that are the most endangered at the moment.

All catamarans will feature three outside decks that are designed for an optimum viewing capability. Climate controlled cabins guarantee you will feel great due to world-class conditions.

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