Quad Biking In Chelavara, Coorg, India

By Vesi

There are so many different interesting travel activities that you can enjoy in Chelavara, in India’s Coorg district and if you are looking for something to get your blood pumping, quad biking is definitely something that you will want to considered.

You can so easily find yourself enjoying a truly action packed quad biking experience in the dewy and fresh Coorg land. Tourists would find themselves riding the 250 cc machines during a 3 kilometers circuit of exciting off-road tracks, taking you through the forest and so much more. This is an activity that you can easily undertake at any time of the day before 10 AM and 4 PM.

Quad Biking In Chelavara, Coorg, India 2

What is quite interesting is the fact that you do not actually need to have strong riding skills. In fact, Coorg quad biking is really simple. All machines are automatic. In the event that you can ride a scooter, you can also ride the quad bikes. Safety instructions are going to be offered and there are people that will help you to learn all that you have to about the experience.

The quad biking trip in Chelavara will give you access to some pretty interesting sights while you go through high and low dunes and even lush landscapes. During the trip it is quite common to spot monkeys, wild cats, rabbits, wild boars and various other species.

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Quad Biking Highlights:

  • experience the quad biking adventure of a lifetime
  • choose trails of high or/and dunes
  • enjoy off-roading

The Regular quad biking trips include:

  • fully automatic quad bike riding
  • a trained instructor
  • all safety equipment you need
  • drop off and pick up from Kushalnagar

The packages will exclude:

  • water bottles and refreshments

Obviously, you will not be allowed to consume any intoxicating product, including alcohol. Always respect all the indications that are offered by instructors.

If you want to go quad biking in Coorg, you will want to take with you a valid license, a water bottle and a cap. The tours are usually made out of 4 to 50 people, based on how many are interested. All participants have to be over 18.

If you are interested in learning more or booking a trip, you can do so here.

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