Whale Watching In Maine – Everything You Need To Know

Every single year there are thousands of locals and tourists in Maine that climb aboard catamarans and boats in a hope of seeing the largest of Earth’s animals. Around 20 miles from the coast there are different whale types that can be seen including the endangered Right species, but also Finbacks, Minkes and Humpbacks. All tours are narrated so the experience is usually quite revealing.

Maine Whale Watching Tips

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The only real problem with whale watching in Maine is weather as it can be problematic. Some of the companies will actually offer free trip vouchers in the event that there is no whale sighted. It is something you should know. Besides this, take the following tips into account:

  • Sea-sickness medication is a very good idea in the event that you know you have such problems or if you never was on a boat. A trip will usually take 3 to 4 hours.
  • Bring drinks and snacks. It is a good idea to eat regularly while on a boat.
  • Get to the departure point at least half an hour before the boat is scheduled to leave. Also, tours can be crowded.
  • Look at sea height and watch out for fog. If the sea is five to 10 feet high, there is a higher possibility of being sick and if there is fog, you will not see whales.
  • Always dress warm. The temperatures out at sea can drop so winter hats, a jacket, sweatshirts and gloves are a really good idea.
  • Never forget your video camera or your binoculars.
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Where Should You Go For Whale Watching?

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In most cases a whale watching cruise in Maine will cost $35 to $60 for an adult and prices are lower for children. The experience can be expensive for a larger group. You can see whale watching trips starting at:

  • Southern Maine
  • Greater Portland
  • Downeast Maine
  • Mid-Coast Maine

When Should You Go Whale Watching In Maine?

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You have to be on a cruise boat to have the best experience. Most of the tours will go out daily from various different locations. The main summer tourist season is from June to September. Ticket sales will be really high during the school break in this time. However, you can go for a trip later or earlier. Most of the whale watching and cruise companies start their operations at the end of April and will go into October. Many tourists prefer early fall and late spring as the time is relaxing and can watch whales without having to deal with many different crowds.

Remember that May, April, September and October are months that are very cool. When referring to June, July and August, the weather can be a little chilly when you are offshore. Also, remember that dramatic air temperature modifications can easily happen. It is always advised to wear sunscreen and pack warm rain wear and warm clothing.

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On the whole, whale watching in Maine is a wonderful opportunity, one that you will definitely appreciate. You will feel great.

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