Best Chocolate And Pastry Tours In Paris

When it comes to Paris, it is impossible not to think about pastry and chocolate. This city is a paradise for all that love them and, as you surely expected, you have different options that are available. However, we will only stay focused on 2 of them as we see them as among the best. Both are tremendous and you have to consider them.

Viator’s Chocolate And Pastry Paris Tour

Viator’s Chocolate And Pastry Paris Tour

This is one that we have to recommend due to the fact that the reviews are incredibly popular. This is a trip that will perfectly combine the tourist’s love for cake and chocolate with that Paris passion that so many have. You will be able to experience gourmet specialties and great afternoon walk tours that nobody will ever forget. However, you need to know that the tour is limited to just 8 people. That means you get personal attention and you will definitely appreciate the presence of an expert connoisseur that will basically take you through various neighborhoods in order to visit 1 bakery, 3 chocolate shops and a minimum of 3 pastry shops.

This food and chocolate tour has the following highlights:

  • Chocolate shops and pastry shops included in an afternoon walking tour
  • Tastings of pastry and chocolate
  • Small tour numbers so the experience is personalized
  • Paris sights commentary, including historical facts from the expert guide
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The guide is an expert gastronomic guide and you can expand the number of stops that you have based on the wishes of the group. Commentary offered includes a pretty good French culinary habit overview, an introduction to the main shop specialties, including how they are produced, information about how you can choose the very best pastries and chocolates and so much more. Interaction is encouraged and pictures are a must.

David Lebovitz Paris And Lausanne Chocolate And Gastronomy Tour


We need to recommend this tour because of the fact that you will take it in the presence of David Lebovitz. You can experience some great cheeses, wines, ice cream and, of course, chocolate.

Every single itinerary changes so every tour is unique. The trip can include:

  • A private walking guided tour
  • Chocolate tastings
  • Visits to production facilities and laboratories – you will be taken behind the scenes to areas that are not open to tourists
  • Outdoor market trips
  • Wine and chees tastings
  • Pastries
  • Ice cream

This tour starts in Paris but it is highly volatile and can take you to various different surprise locations. Keep in mind that this is not a day trip. You will enjoy the company of David for several days and can experience so much more than most tourists get the possibility.

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Did you get a chance to be on any of the tours that we mentioned above? If so, how was the chocolate? We all love chocolate. If you know of other great chocolate and pastry tours in Paris, let us know through a comment. We are sure there are some other tremendous opportunities that we may have missed out on. In any case, these two are awesome.

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