3 of the scariest scuba diving spots in Australia

Australia is a country rich in spectacular coastal scenes – perfect for scuba diving. Scuba diving is always in season in Australia, although it normally peaks between the months of August and early December. There are many breathtaking sites where scuba diving takes place, and among these are diving sites spiced with an element of danger that makes them riskier and challenging – to the extent that some divers do not make it back to tell the tale. Here are some of the scariest scuba diving sites in Australia.

The Shark Sinkhole

This is located in Mount Gambier, where there is a very tiny manhole that provides an entry point for divers. The hole is too small to accommodate the diver and their crucial equipment at the same time, and so their gear has to be lowered down after them. A series of dark and winding caves characterise the next phase of the descent. While inside the caves, there is a high chance of losing your sense of direction as well as depleting oxygen reserves. Some divers have even been known to lose their lives while scuba diving here, so it is only recommended for truly experienced divers!

The SS Yongala Wreck

In 1911 the SS Yongala and over 120 people on board were swallowed by the sea, and the wreck has become a popular spot for divers. The area is located 89 kilometers off the coast of Townsville. The distance from the shore and the many huge and dangerous sea creatures here make it quite a frightening place for divers. The currents on the surface are so strong that only divers with strong physical fitness can make it through the exercise. For a great and scary adventure into the deep seas, book a date with The Wreck of Yongala.

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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is an ideal diving point for many scuba divers due to its rich biodiversity. It contains very beautiful marine and coral life, with more than 1500 species of fish and other sea creatures making their homes here. Amongst its inhabitants are box jellyfish, which should be avoided if possible due to their dangerous stings. If treatment is not administered in time, a violent encounter with one of these creatures could even be fatal. Sharp corals found in this reef are also very dangerous to divers. To make this place even scarier, there are very strong currents that can be hazardous to both the diving crew and their boats.

Scuba diving, especially in Australia, is one of the most thrilling experiences for anyone to add to their bucket list. There are truly spellbinding adventures to be had beneath the waves. The dangers should never be underestimated, however, and so you should make sure you’re fully covered for any potential accidents before you go. With so much to learn about scuba diving, it’s also important to do your research beforehand – especially if you’re considering some of the more challenging scuba diving sites listed above!

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