Best Fishing In Australia

Most people think that fishing in Australia is not great but this is a misconception that appears only because of the fact that many are not aware of the best spots to go fishing. If you really want to experience the best fishing that Australia can offer, you want to consider the spots below. They are all wonderful and you will be able to catch some pretty elusive fish.

Adelaide Fishing

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Here you can consider a full day or a half day fishing trip that will be wonderful. You can catch the South Australian big snapper, the King George Whiting, blue crabs, salmon, squid and much more. There are different vessels that now accommodate fishing groups of up to six people. The experienced fishermen will want to plan ahead but there are many guides that can even help them because of the local knowledge. In addition, you can receive bait, outfits and tackle if you need it.

Brisbane Fishing


All people that went fishing here will tell you that Brisbane is a true heaven for all that enjoy this activity. This is because of the fact that you can choose out of game fishing, night fishing and reef fishing. In most situations the truth is that you will have to simply try all of these when visiting. Many boats are available as fishing charters and you will be able to quickly reach the best fishing spots in the area, maximizing available fishing time. Great value deals are available on the beautiful Brisbane River and in Moreton Bay.

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Cairns Fishing


You want to go fishing here mainly because of the Great Barrier Reef. Here you will find some of the best possible fishing locations in Australia, especially in the event that you are interested in deep sea fishing. If you are a resolute fisherman, you can opt for sole charter adventures. Many rods and hand lines will be available if you need them. If you decide to fish in Cairns, you will have your choices of red emperor, snappers and coral trout to choose out of.

Canberra Fishing

If you want to fish here, you will want to start with Lake Jindabyne. This is where you will easily enjoy some pretty great trout fishing and scenery that automatically means you want to take your camera with you. Sightseeing is normally combined with fishing when visiting Canberra. We recommend that you think about a visit in Snowy Mountains if you do not really want to go angling. If you are on board of a fishing vessel, the tackle will be offered for you.

Melbourne Fishing


In most cases people have to travel a long distance in order to enjoy stellar fishing. This can be avoided in Melbourne since the perfect Port Philip Bay is just five minutes away from CBD. The water there is perfect for fishing. Most people want to opt for 5 hours fishing trips but you can opt for something else if you want to since the options available are numerous. There are some public picnic locations where you can relax after you finish fishing.

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