5 Adventure Travel Options That Include Yoga For Relaxation And Adrenaline

There are countless people that now look for adventure travel. We also have so many that are interested in wellness retreats and spa holidays. Because of this, combining the two does make sense. It would offer some great relaxation and meditation to the adrenaline junkie and would add some excitement for the health enthusiasts.

Around the world we can find many travel packages and tours that added yoga to an adrenaline based adventure or to an active vacation. Let’s mention some that are really interesting and that you can take into account if you would be interested in combining the two.

Nepal Yoga Treks – Hiking And Yoga

For close to $800 you can enjoy a 10 days trek in Nepal that also includes yoga. We thus have an authentic Himalayan adventure that normally offers some morning yoga classes and hiking through Annapurna region, which is where some of the most popular of all the trekking circuits in the world can be found. You would learn breathing, yoga poses, stretching and so much more while you are close to Buddha’s birthplace.

Costa Rica Surging And Yoga Adventures

The Kelea Surf Spa in Costa Rica offers this 7 nights full package for close to $1,800. We do have many surf and yoga retreats that appear in various countries from the world, with Costa Rica offering it from 2001, a true pioneer. Nicoya Peninsula has warm waters and a great surfing spot for beginners. Adding yoga to surfing makes sense since you need similar focus and strength to stand up on your surfboard as you should have when holding yoga poses.

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Weeklong Kayaking And Yoga Adventure In Baja, Mexico

With a starting price of $1,300, such an option is great if you love water but do not really want to go white water rafting and yoga is something you are interested in. Days start with relaxing yoga classes on the beach. Then you go snorkelling and kayaking close to Isla Espiritu Santo. Plankton eating whale sharks and sea lions play freely there. Restorative yoga classes will be offered at the end of the day to help you take in absolutely everything that you went through.

Weeklong Scuba Diving And Yoga Adventure In Tanzania

In Tanzania you can find the Divine Diving Yoga & Dive Center. Just as the name implies, it offers packages that combine scuba diving with yoga, at a starting price of around $950. Yoga is naturally important for scuba diving as it teaches conscious and deep breathing. This is mandatory as a skill to have when you go scuba diving. Diving shops tend to want to pair the two because of that. This Tanzania based experience will give you access to a 7 nights trip that includes yoga classes, scuba diving classes, actual scuba diving, breakfast and stellar accommodations.

Weeklong Biking And Yoga Adventure In Europe

In Europe there are actually many different travel packages that will combine biking and yoga. Prices tend to start at $1,500 per person for the all-inclusive option. Europe is a great destination for many that are interested in biking and yoga, with stunning biking holidays available in Bali, Spain and Tuscany, many including yoga sessions. This only makes it possible to enjoy more biking as your muscles no longer get sore and you feel more energized in the mornings or at the end of the day.

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