What To Expect When Volcano Boarding In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is simply a dream destination for every single person interested in volcano boarding. There you can go down the active volcano at speeds that reach 40 mph. If you are an adventure seeker, it is a certainty that Nicaragua has to be visited. We already talked about the best volcano hikes in Nicaragua but now we want to take it one step forward so you can understand what you miss if you do not try volcano boarding.

Latin American culture is really attractive. It is normal to want to visit a country like Nicaragua and immerse yourself in the towns and culture available while relaxing with a Mojito at the beach. You can surely do all that but why not consider adding some spice to the mix. In many cases the volcano boarding experience starts with seeing a package while in a popular city. For instance, when you travel to Leon, you will hear about volcano boarding on the 2,388 feet peak Cerro Negro (Black Hill). This is the youngest of all the active volcanos in the continent. It basically erupted over 20 times in recent memory.

The Nicaragua volcano boarding experience started with Daryn Webb in 2004. He simply wanted to go down the above mentioned Cerro Negro. He initially tried with a fridge only to move to his door and a mattress. All failed. Eventually be decided to build a special wood board that he mounted to metal. This is what you will ride as you go volcano boarding any volcano in Nicaragua.

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A boarding tour can cost you anywhere between $100 and $200. Factors that influence the price include:

  • Location
  • What travel agency you book from
  • What is included
  • Training

You will go through a hike that could last one hour or more until you reach the launch destination. Winds can be gusty and the scenery is definitely something few people see in a lifetime. The active volcano landscape is impressive, almost like taken out of a movie. Winds on top of the mountains or hills can be really strong. There are ropes that are planted for increased safety in most popular boarding destinations. This is especially the case when close to the crater.

Most of the slopes that are used by tourists for volcano boarding are over 1,500 feet long. Before you go you will be offered a backpack with all the equipment. At the top of the volcano slope you will want to take some time to soak it all in. A camera should be used to take some photos. Just make sure you do not take the camera with you while boarding as you may end up damaging it without even wanting it.

On the whole, the most important thing to expect when volcano boarding in Nicaragua is adventure. It is a certainty you will love the experience but do understand the fact that the activity is dangerous. When you go through the training session you do have to pay attention and you do need to be physically fit.

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