5 Highest Bridges For Bungee Jumping In The World

Bungee jumping is a thrill. Plunging into the abyss from heights that make everything seem a miniature on the ground is an attraction that will always be remembered. Bridge bungee jumping is the most common type of bungee jumping available at the moment and there are so many opportunities available, all around the world. We will only stay focused on the really high bridges that offer this travel activity so that you know exactly where to go.

Royal Gorge Bridge – USA – 321 Meters

bungee jumper falling from cliff

This bridge is located in Colorado and was at one point in time the highest suspension bridge in the entire world. China managed to surpass it in 2001. Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest bridge bungee jumping spot in the world at the moment, one location that you will want to include in your bucket list.

Verzasca Dam – Switzerland – 220 Meters

Verzasca Dam

The highest bridge bungee jumping spot in Switzerland, although coming from a dam. It will definitely not bother you as your nerves will be tested as you look down and prepare for the jump. This is a dam that is very well lit, a location that was featured in Goldeneye. It is not recommended for those that are afraid of the dark or heights (not that you would enjoy bungee jumping if you were afraid of heights).

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Bloukrans Bridge – South Africa – 216 Meters

Bloukrans Bridge

Bloukrans Bridge is located right in the middle of the country, a commercial natural bungee jump, the highest of this kind. You get a double thrill dose as the area is also beautiful, surrounded by wilderness.

Europabrucke Bridge – Austria – 192 Meters

Europabrucke Bridge

Located in Innsbruck, Europabrucke Bridge stands as a link between Italy and Austria. If you love bungee jumping, you will enjoy the swing and can even take pictures of the Alps while you are dangling in the familiar upside down position. There are also interesting adrenaline moving jumping stunts available for the adventure junkie, including hot air balloon jumps.

Niouc Bridge – Switzerland – 190 Meters

Niouc Bridge

While many travel to Switzerland to experience some first-hand Toblerone, adrenaline lovers will want to include the Niouc Bridge on their itinerary. It is located in Val d’Anniviers. This is the highest jumping point in Europe from a suspended bridge. The jump will both swing you and plunge you at high speeds, an experience that is highly thrilling.

Every single one of these 5 high jump spots from bridges will make your blood pump faster. Try them out and let them know if you loved the experience!

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