Best Napa Valley Wineries For Wine Tasting Tours

Whenever mentioning Napa Valley, we inevitably have to think about wine. There are so many interesting options that are available for wine lovers and since we talked about the Chianti wine tours, we have to also mention the best Napa Valley wineries for wine tasting tours. We will divide them in 2 categories. Those in which you need to make reservations and those where you can easily just drop in if you did not get a chance to plan in advance.

Best Napa Valley Winery Tours – Reservation Necessary

It is usually recommended that you make a reservation for a winery so that your experience will be better, especially when a part of a group. The two below are particularly busy because of their popularity so always make a reservation



The wines here are sparkling and the wine price is expensive. The tasting and tour will be a real experience. You will love the surroundings and all the wines here are rated a minimum of 90 points by Wine Spectator magazine.

The tourist experience here is simply excellent. All the guides are enthusiastic and a great source of knowledge if you need questions asked. Make sure that you will reserve early since Schramsberg will only accommodate a few people daily for tours.

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The winery was founded in the year 1862 and ever since then, high quality was something that was a trademark.

Jarvis Winery

Jarvis Winery

Most of the wines here are red and the Chardonnay is among the best you will ever taste. The prices you need to pay for wine is minimum $80. There is a huge possibility you will like every single wine you taste and you will remember Jarvis Winery for a really long time.

Tourists are usually amazed of the sheer size of the Winery, experiencing just part of it, including a room that can actually hold 2 NBA-sized basketball courts. The tour group is small, less than 10 people, and you will be seated at a table when tasting the wine.

Best Napa Valley Winery Tours – Just Drop In

Consider the following if you do not have the possibility of planning your visit to Napa Valley wineries in advance:

Castello Di Amorosa

Castello Di Amorosa

There are 17 Italian style wines produced and the entrance fee will include basic tasting. Upgraded tasting and extra fees for more extensive tours are available. The tour opportunities here keep evolving and there are currently 2 wine tasting levels options.

Castello di Amorosa covers 121,000 square feet, all in a lovely Tuscan, 12th century style. You will surely love the scenery and the wine experience that is offered.

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Various interesting wine types are available and the winery tours are usually self-guided with wine prices that are moderate. Sterling is quite a large vineyard with wines of all levels and a pretty good tourist experience. You will want to go on the tram ride since it is fine and the tasting rooms are quite comfortable. Special accommodations for children are available with special drinks designed for them.

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