Best Bungee Jumping Opportunities In Switzerland

When it comes go bungee jumping, Switzerland is definitely one of the European countries that you want to visit. Some of the prices are a little high but the price is definitely worth it in most cases. We have wonderful options that are currently available. In fact, we recommend that you conduct your own research. Below you will find the top 3 bungee jumping spots according to what we see as being tremendous. Your best experience may be different. After all, adrenaline pumped travel activities are always subjective.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 bungee jumping spots in Switzerland. Make sure to share your favorite in the comments section. We love to hear about new spots and with so many bungee jumping businesses being set up, there are always new experiences that can be mentioned.

Contra Dam – James Bond Goldeneye Experience

Contra Dam

You can now experience a jump from one of the highest of all the dams in the world, with a jump height of 220 meters, just like 007 in Goldeneye. This dam is basically one of the most famous locations in Europe for movies. That is because of the design and the slender curves it has. Many TV shows and movies highlighted Contra Dam and you can bungee jump from it. One jump costs €214.12 and you have jump training, drinks, the jump, jump fees and a certificate included.

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Grindelwald Glacier Bungee Jumping

Grindelwald Glacier Bungee Jumping

For €108.32 you can jump from the Grindelwald Glacier, which is a wonderful bungee jumping experience you definitely need to experience at least once. We say this mainly because of the stunning surroundings. You will be accompanies on your jump by professionals and the bungee jump can actually be incorporated in a more complete adrenaline pack that includes hiking or kayaking. This bungee jump is 85 meters high and you need to be over 16 in order to jump.

Stockhorn Bungee Jumping

Stockhorn Bungee Jumping

A jump from Stockhorn will cost you €150.30 and live guides are available in Korean, Spanish, English, German and French. This is a gondola jump, right in the Swiss Alps. You can imagine how impressive this experience is since you will be diving 400 feet towards a lake. Jumpers start feeling adrenaline as they head towards the jumping spot, a bungee station that is professionally equipped. Your entire jump is supervised by professionally trained guides that can easily guarantee your safety. Transport is included in the event that you need it so you do not have to worry about much when you jump here.

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