6 Highly Recommended Coffee Shops In Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria’s busiest city, without a shadow of a doubt, is Lagos. It bursts out a great energy level and if you are a coffee lover, you will love it even more since there are numerous incredible coffee shops that will make your stay a true delight. Singe Lagosians adore coffee, many new shops keep popping up. If you want to grab a coffee or experience the local coffee culture, always consider these lovely coffee shops.

Neo Café

There are different branches of this café in Lagos, all featuring a really cozy environment and an atmosphere that is perfect for work. It is hard to find a better coffee shop in Lagos, Nigeria because of the homegrown coffee sold, a relaxing atmosphere and great comfort for relaxation and work. Neo Café is consistently spreading so there is always a possibility that there will be one close to where you will stay in Lagos.

Art Café

This coffee shop can only be described as artistic, offering great drinks and lovely food. Most people are interested in the food that is served here but nobody can deny the fact that coffee is very good. As you enjoy your coffee (or tea), you will admire the artistic, relaxing and warm environment all around you. To make matters even better, café music is really enjoyable. You are surely going to love it.

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Café Vergnano

If you go at the Lekki Lagos Palms Mall, stop at this lovely coffee shop. It is really close to it so you can easily combine coffee with shopping, which is what many love. You can even grab some coffee as you wait for a movie to start.

The Jazzhole

Awolowo Road’s Jazzhole has to be recommended due to the fact that something as simple as drinking coffee is turned into an incredible experience. The Jazzhole basically combines books, music and coffee, all in a setting that is vibrantly artistic. Many coffee enthusiasts in Nigeria recommend that if there is only one coffee shop to visit, this is the one to take into account.

Delis Café

From the moment you enter Delis Café you start to appreciate the decision you made. This place is all about coffee, giving you a street view in a cozy setting together with a huge list of coffees that can be experienced. Even the snacks menu is long. When you want to stay more, just grab a drink at the bar after your coffee.

La Pointe Café

One of the really special experiences offered by La Pointe Café is that the coffee will be brewed in front of your eyes. There is no coffee lover in the world that does not like that. Absolutely everything you see in the coffee shop shows you that you are about to drink really good coffee, all with classic snacks by the side. After your coffee time will be over, you can enjoy wine from a numerous selection.

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Lagos is no stranger to great coffee and these coffee shops prove it. Others do exist but these are definitely among the best.

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