Mountain Biking In Morocco

Morocco’s terrain does look built for the biking enthusiast, ranging from mountain passes to coastal plains. It is this diverse landscape that attracts mountain bikers and that has been doing so for over twenty years now.

The country offers a really vast network of pistes (dirt tracks), properly maintained roads and foothpaths right at the bottom of mountains. The biking experience is definitely rewarding. However, you should be careful since Moroccan drivers are renowned to being reckless. Because of this, you will want to exhibit extreme caution as you bike on roads that are shared with cars.

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The reckless driving problem actually led to the development of so many biker friendly routes. Most of them are present in the central part of the country and in Atlas mountain range. Some of the really interesting trails that can be mentioned include:

  • Anti-Atlas Tafraoute Village – biking around it
  • Central High Atlas Pistes
  • Marrakech to Taroudannt route
  • Ait Bout Guemez Valley footpaths
  • Dra Valley and Ziz Valley – desert run experience available

You can go mountain biking in the country whenever you want to, all around the year. However, between the months of June and September, the heat can be really overwhelming. Many riders end up severely dehydrated during this period. If you do visit during this time frame, you should consider the routes that are close to the Atlantic coastline, even if they are busier.

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Mountain Biking In Morocco

Transportation via bikes is very popular in Morocco. You will find various local repair shops that help you to repair your bike if problems appear in most towns, villages and cities. However, this does not mean that you should not take some spare parts with you. There are many pistes that are not seen on the biking map and you will be tempted to go off route. It is always better to be caution if you do this.

Morocco brings forth a really good public transport network. You can use it even if you have a bike with you. That will allow you to quickly travel from one spot to the next and avoid the hectic drivers. However, make sure that you never forget snacks and water since this is something that happens way too often.

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