6 Scuba Diving Locations In The Maltese Archipelago

Malta is located in the central of the Mediterranean Sea and it is a very popular touristic destination among Europeans. The warm climate, the numerous recreational areas and the historical monuments, three of them being declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO (Valetta, Hypogeum and seven Megalithic Temples), make Malta a great place for those who want to learn more about the region’s history, but also for those who want to embark in water adventures.

The Maltese archipelago includes three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino, all of them with clear waters and rocky settings that make them perfect for scuba divers. The visibility is very good and the risk to have an encounter with a dangerous fish is pretty low.

Scuba Diving At Blue Hole, Gozo

scuba diving blue hole, gozo

Blue Hole is one of the most popular scuba diving sites in Europe and it is a natural rock formation carved out by wind and waves over the centuries. During your exploration, you’ll be able to discover golden cup coral, dive into a mysterious cavern and admire various fish species including damsel fish, picarel and bogue.

The maximum depth of Blue Hole is 45 meters, while the average depth is 20 meters.

Scuba Diving At Cirkewwa, Malta

Scuba Diving At Cirkewwa, Malta

While diving in Cirkewwa you can come across the wreck of Rozi, a tug boat that sits perfectly on the bottom of the sea. The areas around the structure are accessible to divers who want to explore the hydroids that grew on and around the boat. Many species of fish surround the boat and divers can admire thousands of chromis, bream and sand smelt in particular.

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The maximum depth for Rozi wreck is 36 meters and the average is 30 meters.

Scuba Diving At Lantern Point, Comino

Scuba Diving At Lantern Point, Comino

Lantern Point is a fascinating dive that will allow you to enter a chimney filled with amazing fireworms and white-tufted worms, explore a cavern where purple heart urchins can be found and descend into depths where outer boulders are known for the spiny starfish inhabitants.

The maximum depth of Lantern Point is beyond 50 meters and the average diving depth is 18 meters.

Scuba Diving At Double Arch, Gozo

Scuba Diving At Double Arch, Gozo

The rocky headland is a great environment for various fish species that can be discovered by experienced divers. The entry point is very shallow and require some prior diving experience and patience to descend carefully, but the numerous wrasse, the octopus and the cuttlefish it’s well worth the effort. The two archways are covered in golden cup corals and colorful sponges, and the outer reef is a great home for barracudas, groupers, blennies and some small fish species.

The maximum depth of Double Arch is 45 meters and the average diving depth is 30 meters.

Scuba Diving At Inland Sea Tunnel, Gozo

Scuba Diving At Inland Sea Tunnel, Gozo

Inland Sea is a semi-circular lagoon of seawater connected to the Mediterranean Sea through a long tunnel that provides great diving experiences.

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Diving along a narrow canyon while exploring the marine life is a dream come true for most experienced divers and the Inland Sea Tunnel offers this, plus vertical fissures in the cliff face that can be explored.

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