Outdoor Activities In And Near Mexico City

The high-altitude capital of Mexico, Mexico City, is known for its historic buildings and beautiful geography. Located in the Valley of Mexico, in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, the city has a minimum altitude of 2200 meters and it is surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. Alongside climate, these features make Mexico City a great destination for outdoor activities in and around the metro area.

Cycling, walking, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, white-water rafting, rappelling are just a few of the activities outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in and near Mexico City.

Cycling In Mexico City

Cycling is one of the most loved leisure activity for both locals and tourists. The climate and flat terrain is great for bike rides across the city.

Horseback Riding In Mexico City

Horseback riding is a very well loved activity amongst tourists. There are a few venues providing horseback riding in the city so it’s easy to find one that fit your needs. Besides the local venues, horseback riding tours can also be organized at the base of Ajusco Volcano, in the Tlaplan Park.

Scuba Diving In And Near Mexico City

Mexico is a paradise for scuba divers, but if you don’t have time to visit the most popular Mexican diving locations, Mexico City has some diving spots you can visit. However, for an amazing diving experience, you can take a direct flight from Mexico City to Cancun and enjoy one of the best scuba diving locations in the world.

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Cancun National Marine Park has more than 30 dives sites. Certified divers can enjoy two tanks dive that will allow them to meet barracudas, angel fish, various school snappers and other extraordinary sea creatures that live in the amazing ecosystem of Cancun waters.

Snorkeling Near Mexico City

If you are not a certified diver or you don’t feel you reached the expert level needed for two tanks scuba diving in Cancun, snorkeling can be a great activity. Switch Cancun for Yucatan Peninsula and you’ll be able to explore the second largest coral reef in the world and a wide range of exotic sea species.

For those who want to familiarize themselves with the Mexican culture, there are several trips opportunities from Mexico City to Yucatan Peninsula that should be considered. The best way to discover the culture, architecture and historical sites located in Mexico is through these kind of planned trips that provide interesting itineraries.

Hiking Near Mexico City

Located only two hours east from Mexico City, Iztaccihuatl Volcano, the third highest mountain in Mexico, offers outstanding landscapes and views of the Valley of Mexico. There are several hiking routes available and you can select the one that is best for your skill level. Based on the chosen hiking route you’ll discover different nature wonders along the way. From diverse flora to peaks covered in snow and glaciers, you’ll be involved in an exhilarating experience that will fill you with inner peace. The serenity and calmness of the mountain surroundings are perfect for those who are looking for positivity boosts.

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