All The Cities To Visit When Cycling In Sweden

Sweden’s cities are a true opportunity for all that enjoy cycling. That is especially the case when referring to the larger cities since they offer many great views, with people being highly welcoming to this transport option. You can so easily rent a bike in all the cities that we highlight below. Obviously, you can also buy some bikes or take your portable one with you on the trip. Make sure that you consider creating your very own biking itineraries based on information you find online. This will help you to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Cycling In Stockholm

Cycling In Stockholm

Stockholm is definitely the best option that is available for city cycling in Stockholm. Tourists can so easily use Citybikes in order to rent a bike at prices that are quite cheap. You then go to see some of the wonderful and cool designer shops that the city has to offer. Locals are often found cycling in Stockholm and you will easily blend in. What is particularly interesting is the café scene you gain access to. Just drop for a coffee break (fika in Swedish) whenever you want.

When creating your own biking trip in Stockholm, make sure that you consider a visit to City Hall, Vasa Museum, Royal Palace and Skansen.

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Gothenburg Cycling


Sweden’s West Coast city Gothenburg stands out as a completely perfect location. We are referring to a gorgeous city that features tremendous art nouveau architecture. This canalled city stands out as a wonderful heaven that is perfect for cycling. You will want to seriously consider Rohsska, liseberg and Universeum. At the same time, make sure that you experience as much as possible about the restaurant and café scene in the city. Many options are simply perfect there.

Malmo Cycling

Malmo Cycling

Most people that go cycling in Malmo can easily enjoy all the main attractions that are available. Unfortunately, this is not a great idea because of the fact that most of the attractions that you can experience will warrant getting off your back. As a simple example, take a look at Mollevangen district. There are many interesting small shops you will love, together with international cafes and restaurants. If you love museums, do go towards the Malmohus Castle. Also consider Moderna Museet and go for a longer visit of Western Harbour district.

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