Best Active Travel Activities In Dublin

Dublin, Ireland, is a really popular tourist destination that does have sort of a bad rep because of the many pubs it has. Many think that going from pub to pub is the only thing to do. Things couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Numerous active pursuits are available, with the following offering quite a great experience.


Portrane Tower – coastal view

Various wonderful beaches are highly accessible through DART or city busses. The most popular ones are Dollymount (5 km away), Howth (15 km away), Malahide and Portmamock. You can also consider the Dun Laoghaire southern suburb due to its really long bayfront that is perfect for strolling and the Sandycove beach.

Bird Watching

Few people know this but the Dublin Bay is simply perfect for bird watching as it features various salt marhses, estuaries, islands and sand flats housing many species. On the Skerries coast you want to try Rockabill Island, where you can find many roseate tems. Public access is not allowed but you can see birds on the shore.

If you want to see some ducks, waders and brent geese, head over to the Malahide and Rogerstown estuaries during the months of July and August. Roseate terms can also be seen during that time.

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If you do not care that much about planning for a specific period, the Bull Island bird sanctuary has a great experience waiting for you every day of the year. Also, check out the Clontarf suburb and in the River Liffey harbor during winters to see some of the 40,000 birds that look for shelter there.


There are many different fisheries, reservoirs and local rivers that offer fishing opportunities. Freshwater anglers are going to be really happy as they can catch salmon, pike, perch, rudd, brown trout, sea trout and freshwater eel. Try to learn all you can about the options available through the Inland Fisheries Ireland governmental agency. It features everything about rules and regulations needed.


Dublin is a tremendous European destination for those interested in golfing. 25% of the courses in Ireland are just 1 hour away from the city. Visitors can always come but it is a very good idea to make a reservation. Some of the courses that should be considered include Elm Park Golf & Sports Club, Portmamock Golf Club and Royal Dublin Golf Club. Call ahead to see how much you have to pay but you should not expect to pay more than 50 EUR during the weekends at the cheaper fields and 180 EUR at the more reputable golf courses.

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Horseback Riding

Various riding stables are accessible from Dublin and prices are at around 50 EUR tops per one hour. This does or does not include instruction. Guided trail riding is available from some of the stables. If this is what you are interested in, you can consider Ashtown Riding Stables as they take you through the scenic Phoenix Park. Reaching the Ashtown village is easy by bus or car. It only takes 10 minutes from the center of the city.

As you can see, many interesting active pursuits are available in Dublin, with water sports and walking also being available if this is what you are interested in. Dublin truly has much more to offer than the pub crawling tours that attracts so many tourists.

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