Albania Travel Visas – What Should You Know?

Albania stands out among European destinations as being particularly welcoming towards travelers, yet it is essential that they carefully consider entry requirements well in advance of arriving there.

The Albanian eVisa is an online visa that is available to travelers worldwide and allows short-term trips of up to 90 days in Albania.

Entry requirements

When visiting Albania, there are certain entry requirements you must fulfill in order to gain entry. Your passport should be valid for three months (Swift suggests six) after your date of arrival, with at least one blank page available for stamps and be ready to show it when asked by officers. In addition, passport-sized photographs taken within six months must also be presented; note that your e-visas are linked directly with which passport was used during registration – therefore bring along this same passport on your trip!

If you plan to stay longer than one year in Albania, a residency permit is required for entry. US citizens do not require visas in order to visit for tourism, transit or noncommercial business reasons – for specific rules and regulations please reach out directly to either your regional Border and Migration Police office or an embassy of Albania in their local region.

Acquiring a residency visa for Albania can be a complex process that involves gathering numerous documents and spending a considerable amount of time. Your best bet would be contacting either your country’s embassy in Albania or an immigration attorney that specializes in dealing with such cases; but keep in mind that such visas don’t permit work in Albania.

To apply for a residence visa, the following will be necessary.

Proof of employment and financial stability should include documentation from both your employer or an official document proving you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in Albania. In addition, proof of accommodation such as rental agreements or letters from family and friends who can host you is also important.

If you plan to stay longer than one year in Albania, it is essential that you leave and remain out for at least 90 days to “restart the clock”. Otherwise, BMP officers could mark inaccurate dates in your passport, potentially leading to denial of return permits and possible expulsion.

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Application process

If you plan to travel to Albania, obtaining a visa will be required of you. The application process varies depending on your place of residence and type of visa required; most applications can be submitted online while physical documents will require longer processing time. It’s wise to apply early so as to avoid delays when travelling abroad.

Applying for a tourist visa is relatively straightforward and can be done entirely online. All that’s necessary to qualify is having both your valid passport and evidence of financial support – such as recent bank statements displaying money moving into and out of your account regularly.

Your flight itinerary and hotel reservation must include dates and times for both departure and arrival in Albania, as well as a letter of invitation from someone living there stating they will host you during your visit.

Additionally, you will need to submit a valid travel health insurance policy which covers at least EUR 30,000 should any medical emergency arise during your stay in Albania. More information regarding tourist visa requirements can be found at the official website of the Embassy of Albania.

United States, UK and Canadian nationals do not need a visa in order to enter Albania; however, you will still require valid travel documents and your passport is still necessary. Citizens from other nations are typically required by law to possess one.

Your nearest Albania embassy provides visa applications. There are various categories of visa available, including work, study, family reunification, research, voluntary service and investment visas. A valid passport and proof that you intend to leave at the end of your visit are also necessary for successful application.


Albania has long been known to welcome travelers from around the globe. Its cultural legacy can be found in its architecture and natural landscape – featuring refreshing mountains and idyllic beaches. Beyond being known for its welcoming attitude, Albania also boasts one of Europe’s easiest visa policies – though please keep in mind that getting one may take a bit of time; there are ways you can expedite it though such as online applications with reduced application fees.

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Fees for an Albanian visa depend on its type and your country of origin, though most applicants will require providing photocopies of passport pages and recent photographs from within six months as proof of financial means and return flight ticket – you can either visit an Albanian Embassy/Consulate directly in their own country to complete this process, or use the e-visa system online to apply.

Are You from the US and Planning on Travelling to Albania without Visas? Checkout Our Government Website For Details The government website contains detailed information regarding requirements for entering Albania from various countries, as well as diplomatic representation in Albania, and also how to reach Albanian embassies worldwide.

Non-US nationals require a tourist visa for travel to Albania. The tourist visa can last for a maximum of 90 days and must include both return flight ticket and hotel reservations to qualify. If working is on your agenda, an employment visa will also be needed.

Process for obtaining a visa in Albania for US citizens can be relatively straightforward. A working visa may also be granted based on providing your job offer letter and bank statements as proof. However, if you intend on living there long term then an extended residence permit will likely be necessary.

For applicants wishing to obtain an Albanian visa, the e-visa system offers the most efficient means of doing so. By filling out an application online and paying through a secure connection, applicants can submit an application and pay any applicable fees through this method. Once accepted by the embassy, an email will be sent with instructions regarding next steps and fees that need to be paid.

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Processing time

Processing times vary based on the type and method of visa application; processing can take anywhere from several days to several weeks. To avoid delays during peak travel periods and incomplete or incorrect documentation delays, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early.

Applications can apply for their visa online or at an Albanian Embassy or Consulate. Those wishing to do so online should visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania website and register an account before submitting their application. Once their submission has been accepted, applicants will receive a confirmation email containing instructions on what steps are next and in case any issues arise they can contact directly the Embassy or Consulate for further assistance.

Once their visa application is approved, applicants will need to visit the Albanian Embassy or Consulate in their home country for processing. They should bring with them copies of documents uploaded online as well as a completed Albanian Visa Application and fees payment receipt; children can be brought along if both parents or legal guardians give written permission – otherwise signed statements of consent will need to be presented upon entry.

The Albanian e-visa system is an efficient and straightforward method for obtaining short visit visas to Albania. The visa fee is determined using reciprocity; that is, it’s calculated based on how much an Albanian would have to pay to obtain such a visa in their home country. In addition, special exemptions exist for children under six, diplomatic/service passport holders and humanitarian reasons.

The electronic visa (e-visa) is valid for up to 90 days from its issue date. However, it should not be seen as work visa and visitors may only stay up to 180 days within any 12-month period. It’s available to citizens of European Union nations as well as the US and Canada nationals.

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