Top Kayaking And Canoeing Opportunities To Enjoy In Sweden

Sweden has many interesting opportunities that are available for those that love canoeing and kayaking. It is a guarantee that you will want to discover the wild Swedish Lapland, which is the longest of the river and the Varmland 10,000 lakes, with the west coast option being something to consider as well.

Borgen Island Kayaking

Kayaking and canoeing in the continent will not get wilder than the Swedish Lapland region. The scenery is always going to be majestic and you will surely love discovering this place. Kayakers and canoeists will always enjoy true wilderness thanks to seeing rivers that cut through various ravines.

Varmland Kayaking

Varmland Kayaking

Varmland is located in the western part of Sweden, marking a region that is well-known for giant forests. They include 10,000 wonderful lakes that bring in tremendous kayaking and canoeing options. We have Klara River, the longest in the country, going through the region towards Vanern Lake, one of the largest lakes in the continent. There are basically around 80 pristine waterways and lakes that can be seen besides these mentioned in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. This is an option that many do consider. Great kayaking and canoeing in Sweden is available on Svartalven, Rottnan, Rojdan and Klara River.

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West Sweden Kayaking

West Sweden Kayaking

The region known under the name Bohuslanskusten covers many fishing villages and the coast regions offers a paradise for sea kayakers thanks to the network of skerries, islets and islands. While many know the region because of the fresh seafood that comes from here, sea kayaking should also be added to the list.

A large park that you would surely appreciate includes Kosterhavet Marine National Park. The 450 square KM nature park has wonderful fauna and flora right above water line. The marine life is also wonderful. It is not at all difficult to discover new spots and explore a really beautiful area. Many locals offer guided canoeing or kayaking trips if you are interested.

The Fjallbacka archipelago is definitely a great Sweden kayaking option that you want to take into account. The region is not navigable for regular shipping but the many islands here are simply tremendous. You will particularly love the lack of wind because of the many islands present. Padding is definitely leisure. It is not that difficult to claim uninhabited islands if you want to have a camping experience or you want to sunbathe. You will want to visit Nautopp in order to find guides for sea kayaking in Fjallbacka and Koster.

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When going inland inside West Sweden, you find Dalsland Canal. This 240 km navigable system brings in so many interesting kayaking opportunities. Canoes are actually recommended as the best possible transport mode. There is a canoe marathon that is held every year here. You may want to visit during that time.

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