Copenhagen Bike Rental And Cycling Quick Guide – What You Need To Know When Cycling In Copenhagen

Cycling in Copenhagen is quite big since it allows to easily bypass all the hustle of the big city. Streets are often packet with tourists that head on to a new attraction and commuters that want to get to job or a meeting. It is often really hard to get a taxi.

Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of the European cities that love bikes much more than cars. Cycling is a highly preferred way to get around. Everyone seems to do it. Denmark’s capital is even more cycle-friendly than Amsterdam, which tends to get all the praise. There is even segway touring available.

What is really interesting is that Copenhagen always invests in the biking infrastructure. This includes bike-only bridges and other improvements.

Getting A Bike

If you want to experience the city just like the locals do or enjoy a very interesting getaway, you can always rent bikes or hop on abandoned bikes.

In Copenhagen you can find numerous bike tours and bike rentals. You just need to find racks that are located in the traffic-heavy areas or close to main attractions and sites.

The common way to get around is with Bycyklen bicycles. You can hire electric bikes by adding some details through a touchscreen located between handlebars. After that you can easily start exploring the city at a personal pace. The system is a pay-as-you-go option that takes advantage of smart technology. Over one hundred stations spread all around the city. The bike can be returned at all of these. Payment automatically happens through the attached payment card.

The hourly rate for the service is around $4.75.

Renting Bikes From Hostels

There are some hostels in Copenhagen where you can easily rent a bicycle. This is an option to take into account. You order the rental from the reception of the hostel. However, in this case you need to be sure that you reserve in advance since bikes will be limited, especially during peak holiday seasons.

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Other Available Options

As already mentioned, bikes are huge in Copenhagen. When you see one the street, you should not be scared to take it to a bike shop so tires are checked and you can then cycle off. It is normal to feel wary when doing this but the police agrees that you can take it if there is no owner that comes back for the bike.

You should also be aware of the fact that you can rent a bike in the city from various different locations. These vary a lot, ranging from bike cafes to direct deals with guided tours, which take you to the city’s main attractions. You can also consider one of the tours that take you to places where locals hang out so you can see the stunning architecture of Denmark’s capital.

Copenhagen Cycling Tips To Remember

If you decide to cycle in Copenhagen, which you should seriously consider if you are fit enough to ride the bike, here are some simple tips you want to remember.

  • Always Use Hand Signals

You want to avoid collisions and inform the other cyclists and drivers on what you want to do. You can indicate a turn to the right with your right hand straighten out. The exact same thing goes for a left turn but to the appropriate side. When your desire is to stop, raise the hand and announce that you will do so.

If you want to turn left on a bike in Copenhagen, keep in mind that a direct turn is not allowed in the city. You have to cross to the appropriate corner and then you need to wait for traffic lights before you get on with the journey.

  • Traffic Lights
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When you reach a large junction, you see separate traffic lights for bikes and cars. They are separated by different traffic light types. Those for bikes are smaller and there is a bike signal locater right at the top. Be sure that you pay attention to these as they could change colors at different times than the lights that cars use.

  • Stay On The Right Side

You should always cycle on the right since it allows you to get out of the way of the cars you meet on the streets. Since there are many more bikes in the city than cars, this also allows you to overtake the other bikers when they move faster. If you decide to overtake, look behind you to be sure that it is safe.

  • Always Stay On Cycle Paths

Because cycling is so important in Copenhagen, the city is designed in order to favor cyclists. There are numerous cycling tracks in a system that is well-designed. You want to stick to these routes or chaos is bound to happen. People will not like it when you do not use the cycle paths if they are available and you are on a bike.

  • Bike Lights

If you decide to use the bike after it gets dark, you need lights on its front and rear end. When you rent the bike, it is a great thing since most are equipped with working lights. Even so, be sure that you check them in order to be sure.

  • Just One Person Per Bike
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In Copenhagen it is illegal to transport a passenger on the bike that has just one seat. The only situation when this is not the case is when there is a bicycle trailer or a child seat.

  • Never Overtake Busses

If you reach a bus stop, you need to avoid overtaking it. As soon as the bus stops, you have to do the same think. Pedestrians might use the area to get off and then cross over your bike lane. Surely, you do not want to knock over the pedestrian.

  • Lock The Bike

We already said that you can take a bike if it is free but this is not the case if the bike is locked. You want to lock your bike if you stopped using it. If you do not do this, there is a pretty good possibility that you will not find it in the morning.

  • Rental Bike Transportation

A single person can take one bike when on a bus but only if you bought your bike ticket. This is available at the local metro or train stations. They are not sold when on the bus. At the same time, you have to know that there is a limit of 2 bikes per one bus. If you travel by s-train, you can take the bike with you for free. If you travel with the local metro system, a bike ticket can be purchased.

Final Thoughts

Copenhagen cycling is truly a great experience for every single interested tourist. You will surely appreciate it. If you have any tips, make sure that you leave them in the comments section below. You will definitely help someone make the entire cycling trip better.

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