What Should You Know About Surfing In Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa?

Jeffrey’s Bay stands out as the most perfect, longest righthand pointbreak in the world according to specialist. It is made out of 10 sections, all pretty popular:

  • Magnatubes
  • Kitchen Windows
  • Boneyards
  • Impossibles
  • Supertubes
  • Tubes
  • Albatross
  • The Point
  • Coins
  • Salad Bowls

The currents in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa can be pretty unrelenting. They will sweep you down the point. You should always talk to locals first so that you can get inside information about the various different perfect surf spots that are available. The water is sometimes really cold so having suitable equipment may be necessary based on where you want to surf. Ask about water temperature first.

Let’s take a look at the most common surf breaks so that you can learn some interesting facts of interest about them. Make sure you respect the local surfers as they can make the entire trip a lot more memorable. You will not get many waves if you are disrespectful.

Supertubes Surfing

Supertubes Surfing

Here you can find the best premier wave in South Africa. You will not even suspect what you are about to experience. Make sure that you first watch the locals tackle the waves as timing is really important here. As soon as you are in the line-up, check out the current situation. Supers is a localized spot. Crowds flock to breaks every single years so locals are currently organized in order to still keep some control. You will need to wait for your turn and show respect so that you can get the best waves. As soon as your face is recognized and your reputation is that of being respectful, you will be able to enjoy great waves.

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Supertubes waves are between 4 and 8 feet. The best wind is the one from the South West. Breaks are protected and the NW wind will blow in the morning. Try not to surf there as the experience can be unpleasant.

Tubes Surfing

Tubes Surfing

The barrely wave here is quite fun. It is short and sometimes extremely intense. It is basically a whole lot of fun and different than other opportunities. Waves are usually in the 4 to 5 feet category. The take off section is small and not many can be accommodated by Tubes at the same time.

Point Surfing

Point Surfing

This is where the first surfing was done in South Africa. Long borders discovered the spot in the sixties. Point is one of the world’s natural wonders. Large swells are handled and you have access to heavy take offs and quite a challenging experience. You can even enjoy some barrels on a great day.

If you want to start your Jeffrey’s Bay surfing experience perfectly, you will love the wave here. It is important that you take some time to see the evolution of the wave as it is quite challenging. You can go for waves ranging from 3 and 8 feet.

Other Facts Of Interest About Surfing Locations In Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay

Albatross is a great place if you want uncrowded breaks. It can be epic but other better experiences are available in other breaks. Boneyards offers breaks both right and left and will work best while on a NW wind that blows lightly. Breaks happen in shallow water and tourists are not really welcomed often to surf here.

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The heaviest Jeffrey’s Bay waves are found in Magnatubes. The wave here is unpredictable, simply nasty. It is best at 3 to 5 feet and needs a NW wind. Kitchen Window brings in a wave that is quite underrated. You may want to try it out since it is quite great.

On the whole, Jeffrey’s Bay is great for surfers from all around the world. Just remember to ask for tips so that you can have the best surfing experience.

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