Best Paragliding Sites In Queensland, Australia

Australia is quite a flat country but it is not at all uncommon to see people paragliding. In Queensland you can so easily enjoy really high quality flying. There is a lot of action that is available and you do not have to be far away from Gold Coast in order to enjoy something that is truly remarkable. Local paragliding organizations run various commercial operations in the area and the safety record is tremendous. There are various travelers and tourists that come from different Australian states in order to enjoy paragliding in Queensland and there are also many foreigners that want to experience flying.

Paragliding Sites In Queensland

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Much paragliding activity is present in Canungra and Toowoomba, close to the Gold Coast. You can go from the beaches to the really great flying spots in just two hours if you want to go to Towoomba. Canungra is reachable in just forty minutes.

The Gold Coast, for those that do not know, is located in Queensland’s south-east corner. It extends from Coolangatta to Beenleigh. If you just want a paragliding ride and you do not want to necessarily fly alone, you will need to go to Canungra. The local hot-spot is quite an adventure and the scenery is beautiful. You will love the flat and wide valleys. Mount Tambourine is only a few km. Away. The entire Gold Coast is visible while you paraglide from this post.

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Weather Conditions

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The weather in Queensland is mostly sub-tropical, particularly in the Gold Coast. All winters are mild and warm and summers are pretty hot. The weather can be really great one day and even better the next one. During one year you will love that you get to experience 280 sunny days, all perfect for paragliding. Make sure that you pack sunblock though.

Flying Conditions In Queensland

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Most of the flying in Queensland is geared towards beginners. There are 2 day courses that are offered for novice fliers and in the event you are licensed, you can go for a really long experience. If you only want to see how paragliding is, you can easily opt for instructional tandem flights.

Canungra region flights are heavily featured in media, national and local. All of the launch sites are just twenty minutes away from the local town, which has all the basic facilities you would require. In fact, Canungra is the location that is recommended for absolutely all people that want to experience Queensland paragliding. 

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