Amsterdam Art Tour

Whether you are into your Van Gogh or Rembrandt, cutting edge contemporary art or renaissance classics, you are bound to find something that will quench your thirst for art in Amsterdam…

Amsterdam is one of the premier destinations in Europe for art exhibitions, and it’s not difficult to see why. Art galleries of varying shapes and sizes dot the streets of this beautiful city, which display iconic classics as well as the latest pieces from breakout stars on the cutting edge of the contemporary scene.

The sheer number of galleries around can be overwhelming for the uninitiated visitor, so we have attempted to pick out a selection of the best in the map below. Explore the pointers to discover which art gallery in Amsterdam is right for you…


By Moyan Brenn under CC BY 2.0


Planning your trip to Amsterdam

One of Europe’s busiest airports, Schipol, is right on the city’s doorstep, so it is incredibly easy to find a convenient flight to Amsterdam. Schipol serves over 300 destinations, so no matter where in the world you are, there is bound to be a scheduled route near you.

Finding a hotel is easy too, as there are literally hundreds in the Amsterdam city area, ranging from bargain rooms to 5 star suites. So there will be something to suit, no matter what your budget is.

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If you have never explored Amsterdam’s art galleries before, the most logical place to start is in Museumplien – literally “Museum Square” – which is situated to the south of the city. There, you will find some of the most popular art destinations in the city.

Start at Rijksmuseum,  which houses some of The Netherland’s most iconic pieces from throughout history, including “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt and “Portrait of a Young Couple” by Frans Hals.

For more popular and iconic work, head across the square to the Van Gogh museum, which is a fantastic exhibition dedicated to one of the world’s most celebrated artists. Here, you will find some of his most famous works including ”Sunflowers” or “Almond Blossoms”.

Finally, for those who would prefer to see some more up-to-date work, head over to Stedelijk Museum, which is home to a large selection of contemporary and modern art. With around 300,000 visitors annually, it is one of the busiest museums in the whole of The Netherlands.

The Museumplien is so full of enticing and interesting exhibits , it would be quite easy to while away an entire  day here.  If you are still looking for more to quench your artistic thirst however, there is plenty more creative delights that await further north into the city.

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Some Hidden Gems

One of our favourite galleries, De Bruijne Tentoonstellings Organisatie, is all too often missed, because it is hidden away behind an unassuming grey door and a flight of stairs. However, look beyond the ordinary exterior and you will find one of the most interesting collections in the city, which showcases some of the most amazing examples of conceptual art in Amsterdam. Head north from there and you will find Grimm Fine Art, which has some beautiful pieces by prominent German artists like Jonathon Reese and Daniel Richter.

On the other hand, if the Rijksmuseum has whet your appetite for Rembrandt, you can find more of his work at the Rembrandt House Museum, which is housed in a beautifully quaint 17th Century interior design.

No matter what your taste in art is, there is bound to be something for you at in Amsterdam. So go on, book your trip today and be prepared to discover the next best thing in European art!

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