Red Light District Activities Few People Know About

The Red Light District is the perfect destination if you are an open-minded person who wants to know new limits but have you ever think that there is more to be seen there than Sex Drugs and Rock’n’Roll? Here you can see another face of the prestigious neighborhood:

Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder

In translation the name is “Our Sweet Lord in the Attic” and it was first know as Museum Astelkring. As you can figure it out from the name the star or the museum hides in the attic of the construction. Here you can find a church used by the Catholics after the Alteration when the Catholic religion was banned. While in the upper part of the house you can find a spectacular altar piece painted by Jacob de Wit on the lower floor you can visit some well-kept rooms that capture the life of people from 17th century. The church closed its activity when Church of St Nicholas opened but opened its doors again soon this time a museum gaining the title of the second oldest museum in the town.

Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk began its existence as a plain wood chapel but know it is known as the oldest church in Amsterdam but this is not all. The church is rated as the only church in the world surrounded by prostitution. Even though in the mid 15th century was a great meeting place on Sundays, now it’s only kept to set an example on how to be different. Also, here, in the Gothic Building, you can find Rembrandts’ wife buried.

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The Red Light Secrets

Also known as the Museum of Prostitution, Red Lights Secrets brings a different point of view to the famous neighborhood. Everybody knows the bad reputation of this place and because of this, the museum tries to show you that The Red Light District it’s so much more than a sex place. At the beginning of the tour, visitors will watch a short movie about different regards of the Red Light District. Next, you will see the rooms where the oldest profession in the world is practiced and the strongest point is when you can switch sides with the women and take their place in the window. This will give you a glimpse of how they feel when the crowd is entering the location. If this was not enough for giving you chills you can stay and talk to real practices about their dreams, hopes, and disappointments.

Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum

It doesn’t matter if you’re a green smoker or not but you have to see this one of a kind museum that is situated in the heart of the Red Light District. The repository has the purpose to provide you every information you will ever need about cannabis from history to curiosities. The exhibits include a section where you can see the relationship between religion and cannabis in some cultures, an interactive vaporizer or a massive collection of accessories (especially pipes). The best part is that you can see all of these for only eleven dollars.

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Red Light District Arranged Tour

If you’re a conservative kind of tourist but yet an open-minded one or if you want to have a bigger picture of the Red Light District a tour with a guide is all you need. In ninety minutes a professional guide will stretch all the good parts in the area and will offer you some tips and tricks. Your tour will start from the National Monument and will continue to Warmoestraat street, which is the best Gay Street in Amsterdam. After you pass the Condomerie with all your supplies done for a lifetime, you will go straight to the heart of the district with a pit stop to the Prostitution Information Centre. Here you will get a lesson from former scarlet women who dedicated their lives to education and after this, you will definitely leave this place with fewer prejudices. All in all the tour sums up all the positive aspects combined with all the negative aspects of the Amsterdams’ district.


If you want to relax after a long tiring day of wandering around and old jazz pub with live music and karaoke might be everything that you need to charge your batteries for a new day. As you can already imagine the Red Light District has a solution even for this. Café Casablanca is a small place but with a big reputation where bands such as Biggles big band and Soul Rebels often have concerts and if this is not scheduled for the evening you have fun for sure with the karaoke that starts at eight p.m.

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Well, maybe now you will think twice about your trip to the Red Light District and will reconsider your action plan for the trip. Even though it is all about the fun the district has a mysterious side of history that waits to be discovered by everyone around. Have fun on your holiday and don’t forget to learn something about the area while you are doing this.

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