Australia Shark Diving Opportunities To Consider

Being faced with a shark means adrenaline goes through your veins as you see the white, sharp teeth close to you. Shark diving stands out as an ideal option for all people fascinated by these apex predators, a wonderful thrilling underwater adventure. This activity is possible in Australia, in the coastal regions. As you dive you can see sharks in the natural habitat, this in itself being really exciting.

Remember that in Australia you can mainly find the great white sharks in Port Lincoln while you should also consider Ningaloo Reef as an opportunity. Three shark diving options automatically stand out:

Sydney – The Shark Dive Xtreme Option

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary offers you the possibility to swim with grey nurse sharks without the restriction of a shark dive cage. The experience will include being up close and personal with these majestic creatures but also smaller sharks, fish, sea turtles, stingrays and numerous other wildlife species.

What is interesting is that the shark species present in the area is not at all a danger for humans. You do not have to be a very good diver in order to enjoy the activity. Dives for practically all ability levels are available, ranging from certified dive to introductory sessions. Shark Dive Xtreme is recommended because it will include expert instructions, half an hour drive in Oceanarium and all the diving equipment you require. Family and friends can watch you from a special viewing tunnel, offering incredible photo opportunities.

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Every trip will include dive safety instructions and briefing, the half an hour experience, the dive equipment, Sea Life Sanctuary free entry, de-brief, a certificate and in-water photography as an optional extra.

Port Lincoln – Swimming With Great Whites

In Port Lincoln you can see the great white shark in a natural habitat but mainly from the safety of a boat. You can go underwater if you desire although this is just for the adventurous type. Shark cage diving is available here and it is the ultimate experience that will challenge you.

Most tourists are going to want to visit Shark Bay, found in Neptune Islands and home to Adventure Bay Charters, the very first ec-certified cage diving and shark viewing experience in the continent. A full day tour is normally the recommended option since you also want to see the scenery of Thorny Passage, a place filled with sea birds and dolphins.

Literally every single shark viewing trip guarantees encounters with the majestic creatures as audio sound vibration is utilized to attract the animals. You get to see numerous great white sharks that are friendly with humans as they are used to the experience.

A regular full day trip includes sightseeing, cruising to the destination, swimming with the sharks if you pay extra, view them from an underwater sub (also an extra), all equipment you may need, tea, lunch, coffee, tea, light snacks, drinks and merchandise.

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Ningaloo Reef And Exmouth – Whale Shark Swimming

Another recommended eco-friendly adventure waits for you off the Exmouth coast, in Ningaloo Reef. The whale shark is a really rare fish that has been around even sixteen million years ago. Between April and July you can experience this through snorkeling, offering something most people only dream about. Plankton eating sharks visit the reef because of the numerous food opportunities and only care about that.

Ocean Eco Adventures Whale Shark Discovery offers a cruise that will start through a bus transfer taking you from the hotel to the vessel. Marine animal viewing is always maximized and all trip essentials you expect are available on the boat. Aircraft spotters are used in order to look for the whale sharks. You basically have the possibility of getting there as quickly as possible, guaranteeing seeing sharks fast. You will be able to swim as much as possible with the sharks.

The trip includes return transfer, wetsuit, snorkeling equipment, a full day trip, a minimum of one snorkel at Ningaloo Reef, all needed meals, government fees, taxes, soft drinks, water, a complimentary tour DVD and the private spotter plane.

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