Top 2018 Skydiving Destinations In The World

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that offer so much more than adrenaline rush. Usually, the breathtaking views and stunning locations are on the list of reasons skydivers choose certain skydiving destinations over other so, in this article, we decided to talk about the best skydiving destinations in the world.

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is not only an amazing destination for skydivers but also a great place for all those who love outdoor adventures. However, we are not going to talk about those other things you can do on the island of Oahu and we will focus on skydiving. According to local operators, Oahu has one of the most amazing jump zone in the world and we have to agree with them since it’s hard to compete with the beautiful beaches, blue waters and the mountain scenery you will be able to admire from the air.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Voted one of the most scenic skydive in the world, Fox Glacier is an amazing destination for skydivers from all over the world. The views are not amazing, they are truly spectacular and the natural attractions of Fox Glacier offers numerous other opportunities for those who travel to New Zealand for this experience.

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Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest skydiving is an adventure that all skydivers should experience at least once in their lifetime. Gazing down at the highest mountain of the planet while free falling is a thrilling experience for those who have an adventurous heart. Not to mention that the views of the national parks and the picturesque villages are mesmerizing. If you skydive at Mount Everest, you will land at the base of the mountain from where you can embark on numerous other amazing adventures.

Interlaken, Switzerland

The Alps offer dramatic panoramas of blue lakes and snowy mountain peaks and this is why Interlaken is so special for all the skydivers. The mountainous town offers so many other opportunities for adventurous skydivers including bungee jumping and other outdoor adventures however, skydiving remains one of the top experiences provided by Interlaken.

Namib Dessert, Namibia

If you want to change your skydiving scenery, the Namib Dessert will offer you completely different views than those of the mountains we talked about before. Starring at the mesmerizing sand dunes and the beautiful Atlantic coast of Namibia is another unique experience any skydiver should live.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you want to have diverse sights that include mountains, ocean, forests and city views while skydiving, Rio de Janeiro is one of the few places in the world that can offer you that. During your free fall, you can search for landmarks of the city and to admire the extraordinary nature views.

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Quebec, Canada

Another skydiving destination that offers exciting experiences that include beautiful and diverse views is Quebec. Situated just outside Ottawa the skydiving location will allow you to admire mountain peaks, green forests, rivers and hills but also city views.

Cape Town, South Africa

Islands, cities, lagoons, ocean and mountain views – this is what you’ll get if you choose to skydive in Cape Town. The views are obviously spectacular and the experience is perfect for all adrenaline junkies who love to jump off of planes.

Denarau Island, Fiji

Floating down white sandy beaches while being able to admire the heavenly views of the archipelago that surrounds Denarau Island is an awe inspiring adventure that allows skydivers to experience the clearest views of Fiji.

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