Bangalore’s Best Exciting Trekking Routes

For those with a special appreciation for adventure, Bangalore is the perfect location to consider for a wide range of reasons. One of the main ones is represented by the most fantastic trekking trails found there. Those who are fans of such experiences will have a great time discovering the magic lands with breath-taking sceneries that wait to be discovered in the area. Just imagine yourself letting go of all your tensions on your next trekking adventure with friends.

The Magnificent Savanadurga Trek Area

If you have decided to go to Bangalore for your next great trekking experience, you must also visit the Savanadurga Trek area which is actually a large monolith. It raises to a 4050 ft. height above the marvelous sea. What can you see there? A great conglomeration of huge hills that offer you the sight of amazing nature living in perfect harmony. These are the Karaganda and Biligudda Hills.

Both feature a valley set there by nature for proper separation, namely the Ramanagar. This place has become quite popular among trekking tourists. Moreover, there are numerous sports adventures organized there every year for adrenaline seekers like you. Apart from trekking, you can also experience the adrenaline of rock climbing or rappelling in the area.

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Way on top of the hills, the famous fortress that was built by Kempegowda II waits to be discovered by brave people searching for new mysteries in their life.

The Great Trekking Adventure at Anthargange

Another great trekking destination in Bangalore is represented by Anthagange. This could be your first step of the lifetime experience of pure excitement at Kolar. This is an area located six kilometers away of Bangalore.

Anthargange is the perfect location for trekkers no matter their level of experience. The road is not difficult but brings an amazing scenery right in front of your eyes. It is the perfect option for those interested in finding perfect relaxation in nature by discovering its marvels on bare foot.

New Experience on the Mekedatu, Karlghatta Trek

This amazing nearby Bangalore area is the land of mystery and legends. One of the popular stories shared by locals says that the river is sometimes so narrowed in a specific point that allows the chosen ones to jump across from one side to the other. This is the special place that has become popular among tourists as Mekedatu.

This area is found hundreds of kilometers away from the city which gives you the chance to enjoy a long-time trekking experience. You will have all the time in the world to recharge your batteries and find your balance in the wilderness.

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You can travel on the Mysore road which is also famous these days. Apart from the trekking adventure, you can also engage is kayaking adventures in the rapid waters of the marvelous river Kaveri.

All in all, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than a trekking experience. Nature in all of its beauty and form will be in front of your eyes. You will discover its marvels on foot and feel proud to be there.

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