Senegal Natural Attractions Tourists Need To Experience

Senegal is a country renowned for its natural attractions that fascinate tourists from all over the world. The beautiful African country is loved for its exceptional weather, beautiful beaches and for the amazing natural parks and reserves that make the country perfect for ecotourism, bird watching and outdoor activities.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

Around 1.5 million birds can be admired in the Djoudj Sanctuary. Located in the Senegal River delta, the national park is home to almost 400 bird species including pink flamingos, pelicans, cormorants, African spoonbills, purple herons and great egrets.

The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is the perfect place for birding or wildlife watching activities.

Niokolo-Koba National Park

Niokolo-Koba National Park

Niokolo-Koba National Park is another natural protected area in the country, located in the south-eastern Senegal. This national park was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since 2007 it is also on the list of endangered heritage sites.

Nature enthusiasts and wildlife watchers can admire elephants, an impressive lagoon and the beautiful Gambia River.

Lake Retba


Lake Retba or Lac Rose is a salty lake that during sunny days has a distinctive pink color due to dunaliella salina, a micro-algae. The lake is a loved tourist destination that does not cease to charm people who can swim or float in the warm pink waters. Bird watchers will be able to admire flamingos, herons, terns, waders, spoonbills and pelicans around the lake.

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Petite Cote

Petite Cote senegal

La Petite Cote or the Little Coast is a beach area in Senegal with a spectacular coastline and ideal conditions for relaxations. This is the place to be for a short break during your Senegal’s adventures.

If you get bored easily on the beach, the Little Coast is the place where you can discover Popenguine, a small village, member of Global Ecovillage Network of Senegal, and a place where you can admire interesting patterns formed on the ground by the lack of the water and the heat of the sun. The village can be discovered by walking or by horseback riding a donkey or a horse.

The Natural Reserve of Popenguine is also a place where tourists can discover plants, birds and various animal species.



Senegal’s capital is home to many tourist attractions like the Grande Mosquée and the Musée Theodore Monod that are great places for those who want to learn more about the Senegalese culture, but it is also a place loved  for the nightlife and the local music.

Surfers can also enjoy the waves, the warm waters and they can have a peaceful surfing experience. Dakar’s beaches are not crowded when it comes to surfers so beginners can really enjoy a safe surfing adventure here.

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Saloum Delta National Park

Toubacouta,Sine-Saloum Delta, Le Senegal, West Africa, Afrika

This national park is a place where tourists can enjoy various activities including ULM flying over the mangroves, admiring flamingos and exploring the wild region of the delta that is full of swamps, dunes and lagoons.

Fathala Reserve is another region of the park that should be visited in order to discover hundreds of species of wildlife and take place in excursions on pirogues (small boats), but also for hiking tours and fishing trips.

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