Where Should You Go Trekking In India?

Experiencing the beauty of India’s mountain trails is a dream come true for many trekking enthusiasts. From tropical rain forests and icy deserts to romantic spots and crystal clear lakes, trekkers feel like discovering India through its trekking trails is like discovering their private paradise. There are even some unusual things to do in India there if you want more than trekking. Experienced trekkers and beginners can enjoy India together since there are various options available for both difficulty groups.

A trekking experience in India can be life changing. The adrenaline desire is satisfied, while discovering the mysteries of the Himalayan peaks and the mind is also stimulated by the fascinating Indian culture that can be experienced first hand by interacting with the local communities.

Why Is India A Great Trekking Destination?

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All trekking enthusiast know that the Himalayan mountains are amazing when it comes to trekking trails and the Indian Himalayas are as amazing as you can imagine! A trekking adventure in the Indian Himalayas include admiring high altitude villages, rare Himalayan flora and fauna, stunning waterfalls, breathtaking Himalayan peaks and hazardously hanging glaciers.

Besides the awe-inspiring landscapes, trekkers will have to overcome difficult challenges including crossing very cold waters, making their way through narrow and abrupt ridges, stepping through glacial beds and passing through dangerous moraines.

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As we already mentioned a trekking experience in India also means discovering a new culture first hand. Various Indian regions mean various lifestyles and heritage. You will be able to learn about Buddhism and Hindu traditions and you will experience the local cuisine and traditions.

What Are The Most Popular Trekking Trails In India?

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  • Valley of Flowers Trekking

The Valley of Flowers, a national park in the West Himalayas, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its 300 types of alpine flowers. The park is also home to the Asiatic black bear, the snow leopard, the blue sheep and the brown bear, all endangered species.

  • Chadar Trek

Trekkers who love ice trails will be delighted to embark in a Chadar Trek adventure over the Zanskar river. During winter the river freezes and it transforms into a stable sheet of ice, perfect for trekking.

  • Araku Valley Trek

Araku Valley is a popular trail for beginners. Situated in Vizag, Araku Valleyhas many things to offer including Katiki waterfalls, the Borra caves and a tribal museum. Experienced trekkers can consider this trail an opportunity to explore more of India’s beauty.

  • Dayara Dodital Trek

If you love bird watching and trekking at the same time, Dayara Dodital is definitely a wonderful trek for you. Across you trek you will be able to meet various species of birds like Babbler, Wagtail, Monal and Koklas.

  • Dzongri Trek
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Dzongri Trek will allow you to witness spectacular views of the third highest peak in the world, Mount Kanchenjunga. This trek is recommended for advanced trekkers only, because it is a very tough climb.

  • Pindari Glacier Trek

Another easy, but beautiful trek, Pindari Glacier is a picturesque trail that allows trekkers to admire views of peaks like Nanda Kot, Maiktoli and Panwali Dwar, and to learn more about the people living in the village of Khati.

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