Great Scuba Diving Locations To Enjoy In Key West, Florida

If you are interested in scuba diving in Key West, Florida, USA, there are many interesting sites that you can consider. The following are the best ones to consider for every single scuba vacation.

Coral Reef Dive Sites

In the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary you can find the third largest coral barrier reef in the world, offering wonderful diving opportunities like:

  • Night Dives – Going as deep as 30 feet to various coral reefs that are surrounding Key West. Night diving will offer you the possibility to see coral polyps feed, sleeping parrot fish, lobsters and crabs.
  • Inner Reef Dives – Going as deep as 30 feet with a great option for those interested in scuba diving and snorkeling. The marine life is abundant and visibility is really high.
  • Outer Reef Dives – You can go as deep as 45 feet with coral formations being present at higher depths. Really nice corals are present with some large fish and gorgonians.

Wreck Dive Sites

  • Joe’s Tug – The depth of the dive is 60 to 75 feet. Hurricanes did hit the wreck really hard with some sections being nestled around and in hard and soft corals. There are different inquisitive fish and eels that will be seen, with a secondary dive usually organized in shallower reefs.
  • Vandenberg – You go as deep as 100 feet in order to reach the deck in a world class wreck diving site with a length of over 520 feet. The artificial reef created here is really large, with the wreck being from WWII, a transport ship serving even as missile tracker as the cold war hit the area. The giant radar dish on the ship tracked Apollo, Gemini and Mercury capsules. Although the ship has not been sunk for long, it is still great.
  • Cayman Salvage Master – The diving experience takes you 95 feet down to a wreck that is 180 feet long, with the sunk date being 1985. You will surely enjoy Cayman because you interact with some great goliath groupers and even moray eels.
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Prepare For The Experience

Key West, Florida, should be considered by those that enjoy scuba diving, with the destinations above being truly great for both beginners and professionals. Diving is always going to be experienced together with a really good guide that will offer a lot of important information about the dive sites and the marine life present.

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