Cycling Options In The Netherlands

Most people will agree that cycling is a wonderful way to explore The Netherlands. You can always go cycling on a street that is really buys in the middle of Amsterdam or visit the countryside. No matter what you choose, Netherlands cycling opportunities will always impress you.

Bicycle popularity in the country is connected with the Dutch progressiveness. Even before World War II this was a really popular transportation method. After the war, automobiles did take over but due to the rising fuel costs and dangerous roadways, the country is moving towards cycling.

Countryside Cycling

netherlands countryside cycling

If you want to start a bike holiday, the Dutch countryside is definitely what you want to take into account. There are many smooth roads and quite a flat geography, making it easy for all that want to visit. The bike routes actually guide cyclists to where they want to go. We are faced with a bike path network that is incredibly well-developed, connecting all locations you would want to visit. Although a bike experience in the countryside would be complex, it would also be really convenient.

Make sure that you research your itinerary before you go. We say this as there are many small villages and even communities you will want to enjoy. Besides that, you want to also consider resting spots and where you will just stop for a cold drink. If you do not want to worry much about the itinerary, many cycling tours are available for the countryside.

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Participate In Dutch Bike Festivals

Launch of Bloom 2011

This is something you want to do. They are really common and held all around the year. Whenever new biking routes or lanes are opened, some celebrations take place. At the same time, you have access to biking pub crawls and many parties that will sweep cities in The Netherlands. We can say that the bike actually became a part of the country’s culture.

Amsterdam Cycling

Amsterdam Cycling

Obviously, you cannot enjoy Dutch cycling without experiencing cycling in the one European city that seems to focus the most on such an alternative transportation option. Renting bikes allows you to visit any part of the city, any historic site and any location you may want to experience, including those that are not regularly included in walking tours. You will really love cycling in the city of Amsterdam since the bike lanes are really wide and everyone has a biker friendly mentality. If you do not want to worry much about the tour, consider guided tours. There are many available.

Simple Safety Tips


We can say that Dutch cycling culture is more popular here than in any other country in Europe. There are lanes that are to be used just by cyclists and they are present almost everywhere. They are really well-maintained and easily identified. Children will be taught to respect cyclic so even priority will be offered in a negotiated traffic situation. However, the same rules do apply, you need to be attentive to the pedestrians and you need to make sure that you will wear helmets.

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