Airbnb Paris Guide – How To Have The Best Airbnb Paris Experience

Airbnb is by far the largest hospitality company in the world with Paris being a huge market. There are over 50,000 rentals that are listed right now. As a guest you are spoiled for choice but it is important to be sure that you find the best possible deals. Obviously, with so many listings, it is a certainty that some are trying to trick you out of your money in one way or another.

No matter how we look at things, it is a certainty that the very best way to experience France’s capital is to do it as a local. Using Airbnb is a wonderful way to meet locals and you can find so many incredible apartments in Paris. Build your own schedule and do whatever you want, without hotel based restrictions.

The apartments that you find through Airbnb in Paris can be really cheap, with little things added, or even very, very funky and luxurious. You can find exactly what is perfect for your needs and budgets but you will want to be sure you consider the following tips in our Airbnb Paris guide to make the most of the experience.

Be Careful With Location And Amenities In Searches

When you search for a place to stay at in Paris you can choose various amenities like bathroom, WiFi, kitchen or even room numbers. The search can also be limited to specific neighborhoods. What is important is to take your time. Start your search with careful choices. However, you do not want to be way too picky because choices can be reduced if amenities you select are not actually necessary for personal comfort.

As a very simple example, when you select elevator access you automatically remove many incredible homes. You may want to climb a few stairs to enjoy funky Paris apartments in wonderful neighborhoods.

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Ask Questions

For most travelers it is really important to have reliable WiFi access. When this is vital (for instance when you are a traveling blogger), you want to ask about the WiFi connection. Starting a dialogue with the Airbnb Paris host is really easy and it should be seriously considered before you make your choice. There is absolutely nothing wrong to ask many questions.

For instance, Airbnb will offer street name and vicinity but you do not usually have the exact address. You can easily ask the host questions about the exact Paris address. Google Maps can then easily be used. Check how the street looks through Street View and get a feel of the area. This allows you to see if the apartment is close to a market or public transportation.

When you think about what questions to ask you want to also carefully look at the uploaded photographs. This will identify potential blanks. For instance, you might notice that the bathroom does not appear in the images or there are large apartment sides not visible. Talk to the hosts and ask for extra photographs. In some cases you might decide that the apartment is not for you.

As an extra tip, ask details about stairs (how steep they are), the floor of the apartment and elevator presence. This will rarely be presented in photos. Look for what you cannot find and ask questions.

How Does Dialogue With The Host Goes?

This is one of the most important things to remember from this Airbnb Paris guide. You want to see if the host is actually responsive or way too much time passes before questions are asked. If a lot of time passes, you can safely assume that if there are problems, a lot of time will pass until they are solved.

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Try to talk things out before the final decision. Airbnb will not disclose your contact information and does not allow you to share email address or telephone number. However, you can easily be creative and find a way to actually get in touch. This allows you to discuss many things and you can take note of how the host acts.

Basically, if you have any serious concern, you need to talk to the host. This can solve many issues. You will quickly notice that locals in Paris are eager to help and they can agree to many things if you just talk.

Check Reviews

All guests are encouraged to write reviews and this is also the case with hosts. You want to use the review system and look at reviews written by past travelers. You can easily learn if the hosts are actually just like they seem from the description.

Do not rule out sites that have few reviews. In this case you just want to have really extensive conversations. You might quickly receive photographs and more.

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Check Refund Policy And Charges

Weekly and daily charges are often checked but you need to analyze add-ons. There are Airbnb service charges to know about and some hosts will require a security deposit. Cleaning charges might also be present. There are even some that require daily utilities estimate deposits. When referring to refund policies, never dismiss them since there is always the possibility you will change your mind so you have to know what to expect.

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Make Arrangements Way In Advance

You do not want to get to Paris and have to deal with logistics. You want to discuss with the host and decide when and how the initial meeting will take place. You need to be told the WiFi password, be let in, given keys and more. It is possible that you end up losing a lot of time if arrangements are not made in advance. Try to be met at the Paris apartment you rent. This allows you to avoid various problems. For instance, if the cleaning should be done by 2 PM and you reach Paris at 11 AM, you may need to make some extra arrangements to be comfortable.

Only Use Airbnb For Payments

One of the most common scams associated with Airbnb is having clients make payments through bank wire instead of using the platform. Whenever this happens, Airbnb does not protect you. The site just takes credit card and you want to be really wary of any host that asks for other fund options to be used.

Final Thoughts

This Paris Airbnb guide will surely help you to make very good choices and the truth is that most of the experiences you will have will be really pleasant. You are going to have a perfect vacation if you just use your common sense. Remember what we said in the beginning. There are tens of thousands of hosts all around Paris. It is impossible not to find something you will just love.

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