Best Scuba Diving Sites In Thailand

Thailand definitely offers really great diving opportunities. There are so many islands that offer a fine diving experience and most of the really famous diving destinations are located in the Andaman Sea.

Below you can find a few really interesting dive sites in Thailand that we warmly recommend since there are various options that will delight different types of divers.

Khao Lak Scuba Diving

Khao Lak Scuba Diving

Khao Lak has some really interesting local dive sites and is a great starting point for a diving trip in Thailand as it can easily access Surin Islands and Similan Islands. We recommend a couple of wrecks since they are wonderful.

Bonsung Wreck

You can easily reach the dive site via speed boat and you will love that all levels are accommodated. Visibility is at around 5 to 10 meters and mild currents may appear from time to time. The wreck has a length of 60 meters but is no longer intact because it was damaged by a Tsunami. If you want to dive here, make sure that you pay attention to the sharp edges since this wreck is filled with coral growth and shells.


Another wreck that is easy to reach via sea boat and a dive site with a visibility of around 10 meters. We can say that the wreck is fascinating since most of the cargo is still present and you will surely love the surrounding of Rainbow Runners and Batfish. The size of the wreck is really large. Much marine life is present and you will enjoy many life forms from octopuses to frogfish.

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Premchai Wreck

Premchai Wreck is close to Thai Muang beach. The dive is basically suitable for all diver levels and you will definitely appreciate the fact that the wreck is intact. It stands out as a shelter for a lot of marine life and there are various fish schools that are available. It is covered in many hard and soft corals and as always, attention has to be paid to the sharp edges.

Surin Islands Scuba Diving

Surin Islands Scuba Diving

We recommend Mu Ko Surin Marine National Park scuba diving since it is excellent. You will have access to various opportunities, including that of meeting manta rays and sharks. You also have dive sites that are perfect for macro life like ghost pipefish, seahorse and frogfish.

One of the best ways to discover the islands is to go on a liveaboard trip. You have access to various dive operators and the usual trip will start with Koh Bon. Some of the famous locations covered include those of the Similan Islands, like East of Eden and Elephant Head.

Similan Islands Scuba Diving

Similan Islands Scuba Diving

We cannot talk about scuba diving in Thailand without mentioning the Similan Islands. Many consider this to be the very best scuba diving opportunity in Thailand, some going as far as to seeing it as the best in the world. You have access to various dive sites.

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Fauna is really rich and you will have the possibility of viewing Whitetip reef sharks, Leopard sharks, blacktip sharks, together with the regular reef fish. You will definitely love the unicornfish, barracudas and the giant trevallies.

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