Best Chocolate Tours in Brussels

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Chocolate is a real passion for people living in Belgium and everyone knows this. We can even talk about chocolate tourism in Belgium, the country that has over 2.000 chocolate shops. We can only imagine the amount of amazing chocolate assortments found there and we would all love to engage in a special chocolate tour in Brussels for example at least once in our life. Let’s see which some of these possible chocolate tours might be and what amazing offers they feature.

The Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

The Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

This first chocolate tour from Brussels that we shall consider in this article is one that lasts up to four hours. The departure time is 9am and the departure location is the Godiva chocolate store from Brussels. The price of the tour differs in the case of children and adults. Children have to pay 40 euros whereas adults have to pay 70 euros for the amazing chocolate tour.

What you will get for this price is an amazing four hour walking tour experience during which you will pound the pavement in Brussels and follow the amazing trail of the top chocolate shops found all over the city. What could a chocolate fan want more than this? The tour guide will point out the most important sights to see and explain the whole Brussels history as well as the reason for which this amazing place has become so famous for its unique chocolate assortments.

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You will also have the chance to enjoy free chocolate samples and even gain access to amazing tasting sessions of detectable Belgian chocolates that will make you want to stay there and eat chocolate for the rest of your life.  The tour will take you past amazing places in Brussels such as the Antique Area, the Grand Place, the Royal Places, the Strip Route, the City Gates and the Stock Exchange as well as the Manneken Pis.

You will learn all about the history of chocolate and the amazing Belgian pralines that are unique and widely appreciated worldwide. You will even be invited to join an hour workshop with an amazing chocolate master that will allow you to have the insight of the chocolate world and even take your own creations home with you and show them to your friends as a special reminder of your chocolate tour in Brussels.

The Zaabar Chocolate Factory Tour Experience

The Zaabar Chocolate Factory Tour Experience

Are you ready to have the best chocolate factory tour experience? Then you are welcome to join Zaabar in its amazing chocolate tour for adults and children who know how to enjoy the wonders of the chocolate factory experience.

Join amazing chocolate workshops and teambuilding sessions that only the amazing Zaabar chocolate factory knows how to organize! Multiple events are organized at the factory each year and this makes it a number one location for all chocolate tours in Brussels.

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The most popular tours to the chocolate factory are the ones organized by it for children in association with various schools. The tours are more affordable when large groups gather for them. The tours include a wide range of benefits for visitors who are offered a full personalized service and professional organization the entire tour time.

If you have decided to visit Brussels this year you must go on a chocolate tour because you will definitely feel as if you were in wonderland and everything was made out of chocolate.

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