Best Diving Sites In Mexico

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Mexico is actually renowned all around the world for the diving opportunities that are offered. This is a country with a really extensive coastline that includes the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. Those that are interested in scuba diving have access to so many options that are wonderful. Deciding where to go can actually be difficult.

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Diving In the Caribbean Coast And The Gulf Coast:

  • Cozumel – The largest inhabited island in the country, home to many high quality dive sites. Most of the divers that travel to the country will set up their base camp right on the island. There are 18 miles of reefs to visit, underwater visibility at over one hundred feet and 200 tropical fish species.
  • La Paz – Many deserted beaches, offshore islands and calm bays are available. Over 800 fish species can be seen and when it comes to invertebrates, we have over 2,000 species present. You should go scuba diving in La Paz between the months of June and November as water temperature is high and the visibility is great. Hammerhead sharks and even sea lions can be seen at locations like Los Islotes, El Bajo and Salvatierra.
  • Cabo San Lucas – A wonderful location if you are looking for diverse marine life, including 850 species of fish and mammals like porpoise, hammerhead sharks, manta rays and even whales.
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Some of the most interesting diving experiences in the country are offered by the Yucatan Peninsula Cenote Cave System. The cenote is a sinkhole that includes groundwater. You basically gain access to a huge underwater cave system, diving between stalagmites and stalactites.

Diving In The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast is better known as Mexican Riviera in the country, a coastline that has wonderful beaches you will enjoy visiting, together with various diving opportunities. You have access to many dive centers and the best time to visit is between August and February as the plankton blooms March to July.

Cage diving in order to see the great white shark is really popular in the area.

What Can You See:

  • Cenote cave diving
  • The Great Maya Reef with thousands of shipwrecks that are accessible along the coral ridges.
  • Whale Watching – from the middle of December to March you can see many Californian Grey whales in Scammon’s Lagoon, around 1,500.
  • Cozumel Island – especially for Palancar Reef, Paraiso Reef, Santa Rosa Wall, San Francisco Reef and Maracaibo Deep
  • San Carlos – look at the wreck of the tunaboat, Diazz Ordaz and San Pedro Island
  • Cabo San Lucas – Gordo and Sand Falls Banks
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