Adrenaline Filled Adventures To Experience In Mexico

Most people do not think about adventure and adrenaline when they organize a vacation in Mexico and that is a true shame since there are various interesting opportunities to take advantage of. Mexico is so much more than just lying on the beach and visiting water parks. So many adventure filled experiences wait for you in this highly underrated country. We talked about Mexico many different times but this time let us just focus on adrenaline and what is very popular among tourists.

White Water Rafting

white-water-raftingAn example that should always be considered is Pueblo Bravo Rafting, which is located 40 miles to the east of Acapulco. Here you can enjoy so many interesting adventures like river rafting, kayaking and mountain climbing. Get on a raft with some of your friends and enjoy a great rafting tour. The tour providers give you all you need, including helmets and life jackets. Professional photographers are also normally included in the price tag.

Remember that the rafting trips will normally run between June and January because of seasonal water levels. If you want more than just a few waters rafting, you can go for week long adventure trips.

Rock Climbing

rock-climbingWe highlighted the best rock climbing opportunities in Mexico here but we have to keep talking about this since the adrenaline offered by many new tour operators in the country offer something that is truly special. You can always enjoy the Volcanic Seven Summits and if you stay in Mexico City, it is not at all difficult to find charters that take you to some pretty wonderful spots that are perfect for all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

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An experience that is not so intense and really low cost you can try is the 1 day climbing trip possible in the Chiapas region. An excursion offers different rock climbing optiosn for the first timers and there are opportunities available for professionals. The limestone cliffs here are truly great and you can always combine everything with regular hiking.


canopyingTravelling from Puerto Vallarta for 45 minutes means you can reach Canopy Adventure Park. It is located in the Sierra Madre Mountains forests. We are talking about an eco-reserve that is privately owned. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy ziplining for children and adults. Whooshing from a platform to the next while being 90 feet high is something that is truly memorable for many that enjoy adrenaline filled vacations. Make sure you try the Tarzan Swing too as it is quite an experience.


skydivingSkydiving is the type of activity that most people try when they travel so if you are in Mexico and you enjoy adrenaline building adventures, do consider this opportunity! In Acapulco for instance you can find a great experience thanks to Skydive Acapulco. You do not need a lot of training in order to learn what you have to do when going skydiving. There are always professionals that will help you and most of the jumps are tandem jumps anyway.

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