Best Mountain Biking Trails In Colorado

Since we refer to a state that features the Rocky Mountains, it is obvious that there are some great mountain biking trails in Colorado. In fact, this is one of the main destinations for mountain biking enthusiasts in the country and there are many options available, for all skill levels. The biking trails we mention below are just some of the best. The truth is that the quality of available options is definitely high.

Doctors Park

Doctors Park – Almont

A very attractive mountain biking trail in Colorado that starts with a 2,500 feet vertical climb and goes on for 19.5 miles. The highpoint of this trail is close to 11,000 feet. Riders then drop to a great cross-country downhill experience. For many this is the best mountain biking trail that Colorado has to offer.

Tiger Road

Colorado Trail

Those that do not see Doctors Park as the best trail in Colorado believe that the Colorado Trail is the best one so choosing any of the two is a really good idea. This is a really long trail that covers 500 miles. The best option is Tiger Road, near Breckenridge. You start from Highway 9 on Tiger Road towards Dredge Parking Lot. When you get to Middle Forks road junction, turn right. Now you are on your way to a sustained climb that is around 40 minutes long. There are various fast sections afterwards and the views of the Rocky Mountain are incredible.

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You can also enjoy the Colorado Trail from Kenosha Pass, which is right west of the city of Denver. Make sure that you start early as there are afternoon thunderstorms in the area. The ride here is around 24 miles long and you start from Kenosha Pass Summit from Highway 285. Your first hours will take you through aspen groves. After, you will climb through pine tree forests. The climbs here are not too steep but you will feel the altitude, reaching a maximum elevation that is a little higher than 11,000 feet.

Trail 401

Trail 401 – Crested Butte

Trail 401 is the best of the single tracks in Crested Butte. As a mountain biker you will want to experience it. Normally, the adventure will start at Copper Creek, takes you past Gothic town on Gothic Road. You then have a 5 miles dirt grind towards Schofield Pass. You take a right here and the experience changes. You climb for 1.3 more miles and hit the high alpine meadow that you will want to indulge yourself in. After you catch your breath and you look at the Maroon Bells Mountains, get ready for a really exciting single track descent, one of the best in Colorado. While it I not too technical, it is definitely thrilling, a “magical experience” according to Jenny Smith.

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As you surely noticed, we only talked about 4 mountain biking tracks that you should experience. This is simply only the beginning. You can experience so much in Colorado and if you love mountain biking, you definitely need to visit as many trails in the state as you can.

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