Best Diving Spots in Hawaii

By Vesi

The Islands of Hawaii has warm waters all year round. Each island has its own distinguishing features which offer a vast, unique and exciting selection of dive locations and experiences as well as plenty marine indulgences. This means that Hawaii is suitable for diving and has become a popular site for marine snorkeling, scuba diving and other marine sports and enjoyment activities.

Tunnels Reef & Beach

tuna reef

Located at the North of Kauai Island, Tunnels Reef & Beach is a great diving spot close to Ha’ena Beach Park. It is 65 ft. deep and has a vast variety of sea life. It is accessible by boat. It is good for beginners and intermediate divers. There are also many lava flows, cracks, crevasses and caverns to explore but these are better left for advanced divers who can spend more time under water without taking any risks due to lack of experience.

Mauna Lani Caves / Haunted Cavern

Mauna Lani Caves

This site is situated on the Hawaii Island, North of Kona. It is 25 ft. deep.  It is good for divers featuring all levels of expertize. The caves are made of gently sloping coral reefs. The sea life including coral, Unicorn fish, Sea Turtles, Surgeon Fish is plentiful and some of the caves are large enough to accommodate a great range of exploring activities. The site is possibly accessible via the shore but mostly by boat. In essence, divers get a whole lot to go through in the Haunted Caverns and the experience is enjoyable every time.

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Black Rock

Black Rock

Black rock is located on the North West Shore of Maui Island, near the Sheraton Beach Hotel. It is easily accessible through the shore. It goes as deep as 30 feet. The recommended skill level for this diving spot is the beginner one. It has got a lava rock formation where you get to see shrimp, Scorpion fish, Filefish, cowries and lobsters. Occasionally you may see turtles as well. The visibility under water is great and this spot is popular for night dives when Spanish dancers, eels, octopus and Shrimps can easily be seen hunting for dinner. Black rock is a popular shore dive and should be visited while doing scuba diving or snorkeling in Hawaii.

Fish Rain

Fish Rain

The Fish Rain diving spot is on the eastern side of the Molokai Island. You can get there by boat. It is a tricky diving area best left for advanced divers due to the strong drift currents that are commonly experienced in the area. The depth of the diving spot is significant- close to 100 ft. The dive is always dependent on the drift and this implies that you won’t have to get off the water at the very diving spot. Rare species of fish can be spotted here including the Pelagic, Mahi-Mahi, Whale Sharks, the endangered Monk Seal and the Hammerhead Shark. This spot is good for catching these rare fish and should also be on the to-do dive list.

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Rainbow Reef and Magic Island

Rainbow Reef and Magic Island

Both these dive spots are situated near Ala Moana Beach Park on the south side of Oahu Island. The spots are good for beginners because of the lack of currents. The depth runs 20 to 60 ft. depending on the particular area.  Fish are abundant, colorful and friendly here because they are used to people being in the area all the time. Snorkelers are not recommended here because there are many speeding boats around.

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