Best Surf Camps In Mexico

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Ready to let the surf ride you high? Well, then, get ready for the best surfing holiday you’ve ever experienced in one of the best surf camps in Mexico. With a wide Pacific coastal area at its disposal, Mexico is heaven for surfers around the world.

Mexico Surf Camps – Best time to travel

Mazatlan surf camp

When you are planning a surfing holiday in Mexico it’s important for you to be aware of the surfing seasons as well. This will help you decide the right time for your travel. If you are not afraid of the swelling waves then go there sometime between March and October. However, if you feel that you are all for short waves and some peace then the period of time starting from November and continuing to April might just be a great period of time for you to consider for travelling there. These are the two main surf seasons in Mexico.

From April to October, the Northern mainland provides great surfs including the Mazatlan area. The same goes for the south coast of Puert Escondida. The regions around Puerto Vallarta, which is in the Central Mainland zone feature great surfing conditions from November to May.

Best Surf Camps for Beginners

San Blas surf camp

If you are a beginner, keen to learn the tricks and test the waves, Mexican coasts is the right place to begin. There are various surf camps where you will find experienced guides ready to take you through your surfing session and transform it into one of the best learning experiences ever! You can choose San Blas, Nayarit which is a great destination to get acquainted with the sport. But make sure that you don’t extend your stay there beyond the end of September as the professionals start moving in after that.

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The trouble is that you won’t get as much flexibility in that case.  On the other hand, we recommend Punta de Mita found in Nayarit, especially for surfing at the Banderas Bay which is ideal for beginners and where there is no hurry to leave the ground so as to allow the seniors to dive in! Mazatlan in Sinola is also great for all levels of surfers. The Suyulita in Nayarit is great to be visited during the period of time passing from December to April. This isn’t just good for surfing but also excellent for those who wish to get a feel of the beach nightlife in Mexico.

Best Surf Camps for Intermediate and Experienced Surfers

Puerto Escondido surf camp

The first name that comes to mind when we are talking about the waves that experts love to ride is Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca. This is the best choice for advanced surfers who are well aware of the sport. Next, you can take a look at the options you have in Troncones in Guerrero which not only caters to both intermediate and advanced surfers but also has a space dedicated for training beginners.

But if you only wish to go somewhere with experienced surfers around then Pascuales located in Colima will give you just the thrill that you’ve been waiting for! While the Ensenada located in Baja California offers surfs for both intermediate and experts, Todos Santos in Baja California Sur is only recommended to intermediates.

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Food and Living


As far as accommodation goes, you have no reason to worry because all the beaches are dotted with villas. You can choose to stay in either beach front villas or somewhere quiet, according to what you want. Food of your preference and taste is available. But we recommend you to try the local specialties. You will definitely not regret trying out the mouthwatering delicacies that are served in beach front restaurants and cafes. Try anything from wood fired pizza, fish tacos and a whole range of seafood, chilaquiles, shrimp cocktails and the classic stroganoff.

Whether you are an amateur, getting ready to take the waves or an experienced surfer, you will find an exciting destination in Mexico for sure!

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