Skydiving In India – Overview

Skydiving is highly stimulating as an aero sport. It is quickly gaining popularity all around the world, including India, when referring to adventure enthusiasts. When compared with parachuting, skydiving is much more entertaining.

Skydiving is gaining popularity in India due to the fact we are faced with the possibility of performing different aerial maneuvers before you land via parachute towards a slow descent. The only problem is that there is a need to go through serious training before you start enjoying skydiving. You will not be able to simply show up at the skydiving site without any training. You have to prove the fact that you are good enough to practice this sport. Also, in India you should be aware of the fact that skydiving is seen as being more costly when compared with other aero activities and sports.

Popular Indian Skydiving Destinations

We have various opportunities that are available for those that are looking for skydiving in India and the following are the ones that we always recommend:

  • Jaipur in Rajasthan
  • Dhana in Madhya Pradesh
  • Bengaluru in Karnataka
  • Pinjore (also referred to as Panchkula) in Haryana

When Should You Go Skydiving In India?

The great news is that you can go skydiving whenever you want to except during rainy seasons and monsoon seasons. The problem is that it is really important that you have the right timing in order to practice the sport. Never underestimate the importance of timing. You need to do this on a clear day somewhere between 8 and 10 AM or 4 to 5 PM. We say this because the best light for skydiving is available during these time frames. The sun is not present right on top of your head and the entire experience is much more pleasant.

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Skydiving Tips For Indian Experiences

One thing that is really important is to make sure that you work with a skydiving operator that is certified and reputable. You need to relax before you go diving so that you can always remember the lessons that were taught to you. We say this due to the fact that in this sport fear appears due to a lack of knowledge. It will not help you to have fun.

The one thing that you have to remember at all times is that skydiving is not at all complicated. However, it is not at all recommended for people that suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure or fear of heights.

The two skydiving operators that are always recommended are Everest Skydive Pvt. LTD and Indian Sky Jumpers.

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