Best Places For Camping In California

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There are many interesting places for those that love camping to go to in California. This is a state that does offer a really diverse landscape from beaches to forests and deserts. These locations are just perfect for exploration. There are so many interesting RV park campgrounds and camping grounds that you are absolutely going to love. We just focus on 2 since these are those that are the most appreciated in the state.

Del Valle Regional Park

Del Valle Regional Park

This camp park is a part of East Bay Regional Park District and is located in a great area, with oak covered hills and valleys for you to explore. Right in the middle of the park there is a 5 mile lake that brings in various water oriented recreation areas, all surrounded by over 4,000 acres perfect for nature study, hiking and horseback riding. This is also the starting point for over 28 miles of back country scenic trails.

There are two swimming beaches that are available at the Del Valle Regional park. Lifeguards are always on duty and people can easily rent patio boats, canoes, kayaks, peddle boats and motorboats. Various picnic grounds are available and you can easily go for hiking whenever you want.

When referring to facilities offered, the Del Valle Regional Park gives you various tent campsites that do have sewage and electrical hookups. Water is available and all sites will be served by a toilet and shower facility that is centrally located. Group campsites would be available based on advanced reservation. If you stay at the park, you can always enjoy various Northern California attractions that are nearby like those in Berkley, Oakland and the scenic Livermore Valley Wine Country.

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Anthony Chabot Park

Anthony Chabot Park

If you want to go camping near Oakland, you will want to seriously consider a stay at the Anthony Chabot Park. This is mainly because of the various different outdoor activities that are available in a park that covers over 5,000 acres. The popularity of the camp is high all year round and is located in the Oakland hills.

The visitor will instantly gain access to miles of highly interesting hiking, bicycling and riding trails. You get the opportunity of going through chaparral, eucalyptus groves and grasslands.

There are various camping grounds that are actually available at the Anthony Chabot park. Two Rocks is really popular for those that go group camping since there is priority over those that go backpacking. You can only reserve a location here with an advance of 1 month. Backpack fees exist if the group making a reservation is made of under 10 people.

If you want to stay at the park and enjoy some attractions, you will be able to take advantage of those in East Bay. Entry gates will be locked during the night, after 10 PM.

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