Best Hiking Trails In Chile

Hikers are constantly visiting Chile because of the fact that there are so many interesting hiking and trekking routes that are present. There are many that you would never want to miss and choosing the best ones is something that took quite a lot of time. We decided to focus on the reputation of the treks based on how in demand they are among people that want to hike in Chile.

Torres Del Paine – Full Hike

Torres Del Paine

One of the really spectacular sites that exist in the Southern Hemisphere is the Torres del Paine National Park. It combines so many interesting attractions like lakes, glaciers, ancient forests, fjords and rivers. We recommend that you take the Full Circuit hike, which will keep you busy for 9 days. It includes the John Gardner Pass, W Trek sights, Dickson Lake and Los Perros River. Enthusiasts always list this trek as among the best ones in Chile and even in the world.

Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

You will definitely love the hiking trail that Atacama Desert offers you. It is an alternative to the snowy mountaintops that are common in the hiking world. NASA highlights the fact that the Northern Chile Atacama Desert is the world’s driest place. This means that you can enjoy something that is truly unique. You will love the climate and the desert does feature some pretty interesting hot springs, being perfect for soaking after a lot of hiking.

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Torres Del Paine – West Trek

Torres Del Paine west hike

If you do not have a lot of money available, lack time or simply do not want to go through the full circuit option we mentioned above, you can enjoy the West Trek. It will focus on the attractions that are really popular: the Towers, Grey Glacier, Paine Massif and Los Cuernos. If you need or want to go on a hike that is less strenuous, the short route is definitely interesting. Many of the nights will see you take advantage of hotel accommodations.

El Morado Glacier Trek

El Morado Glacier

If you love glaciers, you want to be on this trek. You will notice that a day trip hiking adventure is available since the glacier is close to Santiago. This is a hiking route that is not well known among foreigners so it is less congested. You will spend up to 4 hours climbing and then be rewarded by a glacier view that is stunning. A lot of wildlife is available on the road with various bird species like giant hummingbirds and mockingbirds.

Chilean Lake District Hikes

Chilean Lake District

As you surely already figured out, the district is filled with rivers, waterfalls and lakes. It is an area that is completely beautiful. It is a volcanic region, a home for various volcanoes and brings in a need for various different hiking equipment, all based on the hiking experience you are after. You can enjoy hiking all year round and the adventure is definitely the most scenic one available in Chile.

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Do you know of another great hiking trail that we can take advantage of in Chile or that you simply love more than the ones presented? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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