Best Bungee Jumping Spots In UK

We covered many different countries so far, highlighting the different bungee jumping spots that are recommended so it should come as no surprise to see UK on the list. We wanted to finish this story sooner but things popped up. It was difficult to highlight the best bungee jumping spots in UK since there are not actually as many options available as you may be tempted to believe. People in Great Britain are not as adventurous as those in the before covered Switzerland, no offense. However, there are some spots that you do want to consider. If you know of others that should be recommended, let us know.

Manchester Tatton Park – UK Bungee Club

Manchester Tatton Park

As far as we know, this is the highest bungee jump option available in UK at 300 feet. You will need to pay $159 for a jump and a crane is used in order to lunge you towards the ground. This is actually the third heights jump from a crane in the world so you can easily imagine the thrill. You will just have to go to Tatton Park in Manchester in order to enjoy an experience that is much more picturesque than you initially think.

Hertfordshire – Natural High Bungee

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This is another great crane jump, located in Hertfordshire. You need to pay only $70 for a jump, which is smaller than even the average $115 average. You can enjoy a 200 feet high jump. Being suspended on such a high platform is definitely an experience that you will not forget. The jump is adrenaline filled and there are 3 to 4 major bounces before you will settle.

Newcastle Upon Tyne – Extreme Sensations

Newcastle Upon Tyne

The bungee jump offered by Extreme Sensations take place in Durham County, Colorado. You have to pay around $108 for one jump and the height of the crane is 175 feet. The experience brought to the table by Extreme Sensations is of over 20 years. The system is thus 100% safe and the crew is really well trained. You will surely appreciate absolutely everything here.

Middlesbrough Bridge Bungee Jumping – UK Bungee Club

Bungee Jumping in Middlesbrough

This bridge jump costs $124 per person and the jump is of 160 feet. It may not be as high as others but it is a guarantee you will love the experience since the scenery is wonderful. You will jump from Transporter Bridge, one of the really interesting jump sites from around the world. The popularity of this jump is quickly getting higher as time passes. There are 210 steps that you have to climb before getting to the top of the bridge.

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The Abyss – UK Bungee Club

The Abyss

The Abyss bungee jumping experience is located in Rotherham and the jump height here is 160 feet, with a jump price tag of $83. You are basically jumping from a tower. The jumper is enveloped in darkness, with spot lights whirling all around you. That makes the entire jump experience quite interesting. It is something that is quite rare and you will feel great as you are thrown into darkness.

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