The Best Long Boarding Trails In Washington D.C.?

Long boarding trails in Washington D.C. are filled with their unique set of adventures and complexities. Whether you are a professional long boarder, a novice, or just someone who enjoys using their long board to get to work or school, the Washington D.C. area is dotted with many long boarding trails that are guaranteed to tease, test, and tantalize even the most experienced long boarder.

Travel Tipsor recommends the following long boarding trails which are considered the best in Washington D.C.:

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Alaskan Way Trail

This 3-mile trail runs alongside Seattle’s waterfront, starting from Myrtle Edwards Park up to Safeco Field. The surface is mixed, with numerous obstacles which require excellent stopping skills. The trail is very scenic and flat.

Apple Capital Loop Trail

Located in Wenatchee, Washington, this beautiful trail is 13 miles long with a loop. Long boarders can start and stop anywhere.

Burke-Gilman Trail

This trail is 27 miles and contains a series of interconnected trails which start off at Marymoor Park and wrap around the northern end of Washington Lake. Many 24-hour long boarding ultra skates are held here. The terrain is varied, ranging from extremely rough to smooth. Be ready to face busy intersections, small hills, and bike traffic, but as long as you remain on the right side of the trail, you should be okay.

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Clarkston Levee Trail

This extremely scenic route is around 18 miles long. It starts on the Washington side at Snake River and continues into Idaho. This route has a mixed pavement with rough patches and paved areas. This trail is accessible throughout the year. A few things to watch out for are dogs on leads, bridges, and ducks! Some areas may be extremely slippery.

Foothills Trail

The Foothills Trail begins at Orting City Park and consists of 8.8 miles of paved road. It offers incredible scenes and especially Mt. Rainier.

Spokane River Centennial Trail

This 37 mile long trail runs from Nine-Mine Falls on the Spokane River up to the Idaho’s state line. The pavement is varied, with patches and heaves in between. There are some hills in between which will require excellent stopping skills. Around the 15-mile mark, the trail becomes narrow, but more scenic with woodsy sections.

Centennial Trail

This trail is 17 miles long and is mostly flat. It ends at Lake Stevens. Long boarders will notice a gradual incline as they head from south to the north. This area is dotted with trees and forests, so beware of cougars.

Green Lake

This beautiful lake is surrounded by 2.8 miles of paved trail. This is the best place for novice long boarders, but not for those bitten by the speed bug.

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Long boarding is taken very seriously in Washington, which is why so many trails and parks have areas that are devoted to this sport. To enjoy this sport safely, be sure to always wear protective clothing such as a helmet, slide gloves, and knew pads. Happy Long Boarding!

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