Snowkiting in Haugastol, Norway

When it comes to snowkiting, Norway is a country you will want to consider, with Haugastol being recognized as being among the best in the entire world. The entire Hardangervidda mountain plateau is currently offering stable wind conditions and areas where you can practice this sport the entire winter. In most cases the season will stretch between December and May. The internet can show you the popular spots and the activity is actually so developed that you can consider looking at webcamers and weather stations in order to see exactly when you should go.

So many kiters stay in Haugastol for an entire winter because of the fact that the conditions are perfect. There are also many that will come to this city to test out the conditions.

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When referring to snowkiting, Haugastol cannot be dismissed. The location is perfect, right along one of the highest of the mountain crossings in the country. Weather is quickly changing and this can lead to some temporary closings of roads and colonnes can be formed. Various strict rules have to be followed in the event this happens.

If a colonne happens, you will need to basically wait it for pass since snowkiting is not possible. A snow plough will surely come by and will help people to get everything working again. Make sure that you take the mobile phone with you and the numbers of the road stations so that you can be aware of the road situation.

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snowkiting norway

Whenever talking about snowkiting in Norway, Haugastol has to be taken into account. This is basically a conclusion and no way around it. You have to consider the opportunity due to the fact that there are practically countless travelers from all around the world that enjoy the sport and that see this place as a perfect destination for the activity. With this in mind, if you want to give it a try, Haugastol has to be on your list. It is as simple as that. There won’t be any problems in finding accommodations and so many local kiting spots are available.

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