Pikes Peak Hiking Trails To Consider

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It is not easy to hike every single meter of the trail around and in Pikes Peak. There are many trails that are available. For a strong and experienced hiker, the greatest challenge is obviously brought forth by Barr Trail. In the event that endurance is low, some great self-guided hikes are available at Crystal Reservoir. You also have some leisurely hikes in the areas around South or North Catamount Reservoirs.

There are many different things that can be said and we could talk about various trails. However, some are obviously more attractive than others. We will talk about Barr Trail and showcase a couple more that you may want to use.

Barr Trail

Barr trail

In the year 1914, Fred Barr and his father began work on a trail starting from Mt. Manitou, right above Manitou Springs. The trail eventual lead to Pikes Peak summit. There was basically no financial support available for the two. Barr ended up spending 3 summers surveying the entire landscape and picking the route. The cost was estimated at around $10,000. That was a huge amount at the time. The last rock was set in the year 1918. The trail was named Barr in the honor of the Fred Barr and it was the first ever trail created on Pikes Peak’s east face.

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The upper trailhead is right on the east side of the Summit House and the lower trailead is above Cog Railway Depot. We have access to a trail that is 12.6 miles long, with an elevation loss/gain of over 7,500 feet.

You will gt to visit Barr Camp, which was constructed by Fred Barr. It is a rest stop for the burron trips that Barr eventually led towards the summit. Now the camp is a rest stop for all the hikers. Overnight stays are available.

Manitou Reservoir Trail And French Peak Trail

Manitou Reservoir Trail

Manitou Reservoir Trail is a perfect combination with Barr Trail and French Creek Trail. The created seek is perfect for all people that want solitude in an area that is overcrowded. You can start up the Barr Trail and exit it where the sign says “Pikes Peak Summit 7.8/Top Of Incline 2.5”. The sign is around 4.5 miles away down into Barr Trail. You go right towards Manitou Reservoir. Then go east towards North Fork French Creek. You will see a mark for Heizer Trail that takes you to the northern cascade. You will then need to go through Hurricane Canyon Natural Area past Ute Pass. You go to Fremont Experimental Forest and reach the Pikes Peak Summit. All this is basically a loop that takes you off Barr Trail and back to Barr Trail, with a length of 14.3 miles.

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These are the two best opportunities that are available for those looking to hike a Pikes Peak trail. You will surely appreciate the views and the entire experience. However, make sure that you will be careful and that you conduct a research. Maps are available and you can create your very own trail, if you want to.

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