Best Paragliding Sites In Tasmania, Australia

Paragliding in Tasmania, Australia, is often considered by those that love adrenaline in the country. Tasmania is located 240 kilometers to the south of the continent’s eastern part, right across Bass Strait. Due to Tasmanian temperate climate and great landscape, the paragliding experience is definitely wonderful.

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We should mention that Tasmanian Mountains are rounded smooth. This is important for paragliders. Even if this is the case, many of the mountains are high, some of them being over 1,500 meters. They are also capped with snow for large parts of the entire year. The Central Highlands part of Tasmania is recommended for paragliding but you will also love the western or central parts of the island. The area that is west of Highlands is quite flat.

Weather Conditions

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The temperature variations will be quite moderate when referring at season to season. It can vary from warm to cool. The climate is temperate and it is possible for the weather to be erratic from one day to the next. This will happen every single day of the year. You can expect rainy, sunny and cloudy days at any point in time.

Paragliding In Tasmania

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You will not be faced with a world record flight experience in Tasmania because of the weather conditions. The distance records will not go past 100 kilometers. However, you will not go paragliding here to enjoy big flying. It is more suitable for a pleasant holiday, all with picturesque sightseeing, quite far away from noisy, grubby parts of the world.

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You will notice that locals will want to push the limits so that they can see what can be achieved. You can ask around and see that there are some interesting records that were achieved. For instance, there is a flight that went as high as 1,200 meters. It was possible because of really good weather conditions and great experience.

Make sure that you take a close look at the various different options available. While most people will simply use a travel package, it is really important that you consider going there and then talking with the locals that constantly paraglide in Tasmania. You may be faced with some really good opportunities that can be considered.

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