Rock Climbing In Kerala

Rock Climbing In KeralaRock climbing should be challenging and should offer tremendous scenic backgrounds while you challenge yourself to reach the new height. This is exactly the rock climbing experience that you can have when you decide to travel to Kerala.

Kerala Rock Climbing Opportunities

Kerala offers great destinations for those that want to practice rock aid climbing and for those interested in free climbing. Free climbing offers ropes and gear that improves safety but there is no special passage that you would follow. You choose the climbing route.

You want to consider the Kakkayam picturesque dam site that oozes exotic wild life. The rock climbing opportunities there are excellent. You want to surely visit between the months of November and April. In addition, consider some extra climbs in Munnar since that is also great.

In the event that you want to travel to Kerala in order to have an adrenaline filled rock climbing experience, you want to definitely consider the Thenmala region. The experience there is definitely thrilling. You should only consider rock climbing here in the event that you are in a good physical condition and if you are an experienced rock climber. Rappelling is also pretty big here.

Precautions To Remember About Kerala Rock Climbing

If you decide to actually go to Kerala, remember the fact that the area is not as popular as others in the world. Most people that visit actually go there to enjoy some freeclimbing. Safety should always be your main priority. It is recommended that you have a mobile phone with you and that you never go rock climbing alone, especially in the period between April and November.

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Although rock climbing in Kerala at the moment is not so well-developed, people that did enjoy the destination till now said that they are really happy with the quality of the overall experience. The freedom offered was great and the truth is that many declare that they always want to go back.

The bottom line is quite simple. Kerala is a rock climbing location that is perfect for those that look for a challenge, a lot of adrenaline and much excitement.

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